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2018 4 Nights 5 Days “Japan Osaka & Kyoto Trip”

Utilizing the Chuseok holiday, I traveled to the Kansai region of Japan. This trip took place from September 28 to October 2, lasting 4 nights and 5 days. I spent 2 nights in Osaka and another 2 nights in Kyoto, concluding the journey.

Due to Typhoon Jebi hitting the Osaka area, there was a day when I had to stay in the hotel without being able to explore much, reducing the actual travel time.

Thanks to this, in line with the concept of this trip, I could save more on expenses.

“Budget-Friendly Osaka & Kyoto 4 Nights 5 Days Trip”

This trip followed a budget travel concept, keeping the costs relatively low. I used a budget airline and chose very affordable accommodations in Osaka and Kyoto. In Osaka, I stayed at a hotel costing around 15,000 won per night, and in Kyoto, I used accommodation that was approximately 33,000 won per night.

The round-trip airfare was also budget-friendly at 140,000 won since I used a low-cost airline. However, as it was a budget airline, checked baggage was not included.

“Items You Can Prepare Before Departure for Discounts”

There are also items you can prepare in advance in Korea before departure to get discounts. For example, if you purchase the Osaka Amazing Pass in advance, you can use it at a lower price.

“Summary of Expenses for 4 Nights 5 Days Trip to Japan Osaka, Kyoto”

  • Airfare “Air Seoul”: 143,000 won
  • Osaka Accommodation 2 Nights: 38,000 won (including tax)
  • Kyoto Accommodation 2 Nights: 78,000 won (including tax)
  • Kyoto Accommodation Tax: 200 yen (about 2,000 won)
  • World Wi-Fi 5 Days: 1,900 won (per day) * 5 = 9,500 won
  • Osaka to Kyoto Pass & Rapi:t Train Round Trip: 49,000 won (purchased before departure)
  • Traveler’s Insurance 5 Days: 7,007 won
  • Kyoto Bus 1-Day Pass: 600 yen (about 6,000 won)
  • Souvenirs: 5,970 yen (about 59,000 won)
  • Drugstore Purchases: 6,000 yen (about 60,000 won)
  • Osaka to Kyoto Train Round Trip: About 900 yen (about 9,000 won)
  • Exchange 40,000 yen to KRW: About 400,000 won (left 13,000 yen and returned)

Of the 40,000 yen exchanged, except for items such as “Kyoto Bus 1-Day Pass,” “Souvenir Purchase Cost,” “Accommodation Tax,” and “Osaka to Kyoto Transportation Costs,” the rest was mostly used for meals.

However, due to the typhoon, I couldn’t spend much on meals either. Therefore, I returned with 13,000 yen out of the 40,000 yen I exchanged.

In the end, the total expenses for the 4 nights and 5 days spent came to around 740,000 won. Considering that this cost includes the souvenir purchase cost, it was possible to have a very affordable 4 nights and 5 days trip.

The itinerary for the 4 nights and 5 days is as follows:

“Day 1” (September 28, 2018):

“Day 2” (September 29, 2018):

“Day 3” (September 30, 2018):

“Day 4” (October 1, 2018):

“Day 5” (October 2, 2018):

“Japan Osaka & Kyoto Trip”

  • Content: Solo, budget-friendly travel to Osaka and Kyoto
  • Duration: September 28 to October 2, 2018 (5 nights, 5 days)