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Osaka Tennoji: Keitakuen Garden

East of the Osaka Municipal Art Museum, you can find a small garden known as “Keitakuen Garden.” It features a traditional Japanese-style stroll garden with a nostalgic ambiance.

This garden is renowned as the creation of “Ogawa Jihei,” a gardener who represented seven generations from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras.

The garden holds historical significance as it was donated by the family of “Kizao Yamamoto,” known as “Kizaemon,” a symbol of Osaka since the Edo period. In 1926, the family donated the estate along with the garden to the city of Osaka, leading to the establishment of the municipal art museum on the donated land.

“Traditional Japanese-Style Stroll Garden”

Keitakuen Garden can be described as a traditional Japanese-style stroll garden. While Korean gardens tend to utilize nature as it is, Japanese gardens often showcase a more deliberately crafted and artificial aesthetic.

The stroll garden is designed with a central pond, allowing visitors to walk around and observe the surroundings. Keitakuen Garden follows this pattern precisely.

“Strolling Around the Central Pond”

Designed in the style of a stroll garden, it provides paths around the central pond for leisurely strolls. Visitors can find a few trees in the middle of the pond, and well-structured pathways facilitate easy exploration.

Though not expansive, the garden serves as a peaceful spot for a short break during your travels or a contemplative retreat to enjoy the scenery.

“Free Admission with the Osaka Amazing Pass”

Keitakuen Garden is another site where you can enjoy free admission with the Osaka Amazing Pass. Conveniently located just behind the Osaka Municipal Art Museum, it’s a great place to explore while visiting the museum.

Even without the pass, the entrance fee is quite reasonable, requiring a mere 150 yen. In Korean won, this is approximately 1,500 won.

“Keitakuen Garden, Osaka, Japan”