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Kyoto Gion “Hanamikoji Street & Shirakawa Street”

To the east of Kawaramachi, the central commercial area in Kyoto, stretches Gion Street. Gion is a charming street lined with traditional Japanese houses, exuding Kyoto’s nostalgic atmosphere. This area is particularly famous as the street of the geisha.

“Famous Gion Street as the Geisha District in Kyoto, Japan”

Gion Street is well-known as the geisha district. Geisha, a traditional Japanese profession, refers to women who entertain through performing arts. They play a role in Japanese traditional banquets by pouring sake and enlivening the atmosphere with traditional dance or song.

The term “geisha” is composed of “gei,” meaning “art,” and “sha,” meaning “person” in Japanese, signifying a person skilled in the arts.

“Observing Geisha on Gion Street”

Gion Street is famous not only for traditional Japanese houses but also for its association with geisha. While strolling along Gion Street, you may encounter geisha or see maiko, apprentice geisha, practicing their art.

In particular, there is a place called “Yasaka Kaikan Gion Corner” on this street where you can witness performances by geisha.

“Hanamikoji Street and Shirakawa Street in Gion”

Gion consists of picturesque narrow alleys. Walking through these streets can evoke a feeling of traveling back in time.

Especially, Hanamikoji Street and Shirakawa Street are areas that emanate a graceful atmosphere. During my visit through Gion, I intentionally explored these two areas, and they truly possessed a charming ambiance. The nearby flowing river enhanced the overall atmosphere, creating a captivating scene.

“Kyoto, Gion Street”

  • Address: 605-0085 Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku, Motoyoshicho, 605-0087, along the Shirakawa Minami Street (between Kawabata-dori Bridge)