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Japanese Convenience Store Ice Cream “Mochi Ice Cream”

There’s a product commonly found in convenience stores in both Korea and Japan: “Mochi Ice Cream” that you can discover in the ice cream section.

In Korea, this product is likely produced by Lotte, and Lotte has a corporate presence in Japan as well, making it possible to find the same product in both countries.

“Two Products with Completely Different Sensations Despite Being the Same”

At first glance, these two products might seem entirely identical. However, when you actually purchase and taste them, you get the feeling that they are entirely different.

The Mochi Ice Cream available in Korea is, as the name suggests, an ice cream with a firm texture, with the rice cake wrapped around it. On the other hand, the Mochi Ice Cream you can taste in Japan has a soft and moist ice cream texture with the rice cake wrapped around it.

“Although the Same Product, Mochi Ice Cream in Japan Offers Higher Quality”

The Mochi Ice Cream tasted in Japan was quite similar to the product “Kanemochi” that I tried during my trip to Singapore.

It’s regrettable how there’s such a difference in quality between the same product in Korea and Japan. It would be great if Lotte in Korea could strive a bit more to produce an even better product.