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“Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 – Departure Procedures & Duty-Free Shops (2023)”

Having arrived at Kansai International Airport using the Bay Shuttle, I descended to the departure floor, which is the 4th floor. The tasks ahead were predetermined and needed to be completed in sequence. First on the list was returning the pocket Wi-Fi that I had rented for the past 7 days. Following that, I proceeded to the Eastar Airlines check-in counter to complete the check-in process.

I had previously visited Kansai Airport five years ago during my travels in the Osaka and Kyoto regions. However, memories from that time seemed somewhat hazy.

“Returning Pocket Wi-Fi”

The pocket Wi-Fi I used for this trip in the Kansai region was provided by a company called Global Wi-Fi. Looking at the rental device, the sign for “Return” was indicated on the 1st floor, while “Rent” was written for the 4th floor. Despite the confusion in the signage, I followed my intuition and went to the location on the 4th floor for the return. As expected, I was able to successfully return the device.

“Eastar Airlines Check-in”

For this Kansai region trip, I chose Eastar Airlines. Despite arriving two hours before departure, the check-in line was excessively long and did not seem to be diminishing. Unlike Incheon Airport, where self-check-in is available for a quicker process, Kansai Airport lacked such facilities, resulting in a longer check-in time than anticipated.

During the check-in process, the wait time exceeded an hour. While contemplating the possibility of missing the flight due to the prolonged check-in, I held on with the thought that the delay was caused by the airline, and they would find a way to resolve it.

“Baggage Inspection and Immigration”

After more than an hour of waiting, I finally completed the airline check-in. To expedite baggage inspection and immigration, I moved to the departure gate. Upon reaching the departure gate, completing baggage inspection, and entering the duty-free shops, I was fortunate to have some time.

“Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Duty-Free Shops”

The departure time for the flight from Kansai International Airport was 6:10 PM. During this timeframe, there seemed to be a large number of people returning to Korea, leading to crowded departure gates and duty-free shops. Although I had hoped to do some shopping at the duty-free shops for items I missed during my Japan trip, the overwhelming crowd and the extended time spent on airline check-in made it impossible to shop at the duty-free stores.

Furthermore, to reach the boarding gate, I had to take the airport shuttle. However, the options were limited, with only a few establishments selling food and beverages. While a convenience store was available, the long queues made it difficult to make any purchases.

“On this day, I had to settle for a simple lunchbox available at the airport”

As it was the last day of my trip with many places I wanted to visit, I had missed lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, the situation did not improve as I couldn’t shop at the duty-free stores due to the crowd and the prolonged time spent on airline check-in. Additionally, the airport shuttle to the boarding gate had limited options, with only a few establishments selling food and beverages. Although there was a convenience store, the long queues made it challenging to make any purchases.

“In the end, I managed to have a meal with a simple bento box available at the airport.”

The departing flight, like the one leaving from Incheon Airport, was also delayed. Confirming the delay, I stood in line at the convenience store and was able to purchase something to eat, even if only a little.

Back in 2018, when I departed from Kansai International Airport, I arrived too early, leaving me with extra time, which was somewhat awkward. However, in 2023, arriving at a similar time, the extended duration for check-in was a bit perplexing. Despite the challenges, I was able to board the flight safely and return to Korea without any issues.

“Japan – Kansai International Airport, Return Flight & Duty-Free Shops”

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