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Osaka Travel, Pocket WiFi Rental with ‘WorldRoaming’

There are various ways to access the internet while traveling abroad. It’s essential to be aware of these options as not being able to use the internet or make calls during an overseas trip can be quite inconvenient.

“Pocket WiFi Rental Used in Osaka Travel”

Among the various ways to access the internet abroad, I decided to rent a pocket WiFi for my recent trip to Osaka. The reason for choosing pocket WiFi for my trip to Japan was quite simple; it offered a very affordable price. Since many South Koreans visit Japan, it’s relatively easy to find WiFi rental services catering to Korean visitors at reasonable prices.

“Pocket WiFi Rental with ‘WorldRoaming'”

The company I chose this time was called ‘WorldRoaming.’ The reason for selecting them was their remarkably low prices. You could rent a WiFi device for just 1,900 won per day, making it an economical choice. Since my trip was for four nights and five days, I paid only 9,500 won for unlimited internet access throughout the stay.

“WorldRoaming WiFi Collected at Incheon Airport”

If you pre-order online before departure, you can collect the device at Incheon Airport. You can arrange to pick up the device on the day of your departure. The collection point I used was in front of Shinhan Bank on the basement 1st floor of Terminal 1 at Incheon Airport. It was located next to exit 8, and I could pick up the device immediately after providing the last digits of the registered phone number.

“Internet Speed in Japan, Slower Compared to Korea”

After collecting the device, I checked its contents and found a WiFi device, one auxiliary battery, and two cables. The auxiliary battery proved to be quite useful during the trip. It was used to charge my camera battery, WiFi device, and phone, providing flexibility for various situations.

However, it’s worth noting that the internet speed in Japan is relatively slower than in South Korea. While it may not compare favorably to Korea’s high-speed internet, it was sufficient for my internet needs during the trip. Mainly, I used it for searching on Google Maps and occasional web browsing.

Considering the price of 1,900 won per day, I found the service to be quite satisfactory.

“WorldRoaming Incheon Airport Service”

  • Location: Incheon Airport Arrival Floor (1st floor) next to Gate 8
  • Price: 1,900 won/day
  • Gmarket Link: WorldRoaming on Gmarket