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Osaka: Departure Procedures & Duty-Free Shops at Kansai Airport (2018)

The time has come to conclude my 4-night, 5-day journey to the Kansai region of Japan. Reflecting on the Osaka and Kyoto areas, facing Typhoon Jebi in between, it’s already time to finish the trip and head back.

After purchasing some small souvenirs at Doguyasuji Shopping Street, I boarded the Rapi:t train at Namba Station, heading to Kansai Airport.

“Departure Procedures at Kansai Airport”

Upon arriving at Kansai Airport, I found myself with too much time, perhaps due to arriving so early. Even though I arrived about 2 hours before departure, the airport wasn’t too crowded, resulting in a swift departure process.

The departure procedure at Kansai Airport wasn’t significantly different from Incheon Airport in Korea and proceeded as follows:

  1. Airline check-in & ticket issuance
  2. Baggage check (baggage inspection)
  3. Japanese customs & departure inspection (stamping the passport)
  4. Duty-free shopping
  5. Boarding the aircraft

“Duty-Free Shops at Kansai International Airport Terminal 1”

After completing departure procedures, officially marking the end of the stay in Japan, one can enter the duty-free area for shopping.

Like other airports, Kansai International Airport also had various duty-free shops available for departing travelers. With several stores to choose from, I could purchase a few souvenirs and chocolates from the Royce store.

Although I wished to buy more, my bag was small, limiting the number of purchases, leaving a sense of regret.

Having finished shopping, there was still about an hour left until departure, so I had to wait patiently. As the boarding time approached, I leisurely waited at the airport, bringing an end to my journey in Japan.

“Kansai International Airport, Return Flight & Duty-Free Shops”