OWL Magazine Korea


“The OWL Group” is a content media group that independently operates various websites covering diverse topics. The group has formed a network of bloggers affiliated with “The OWL Group.” The current list of websites directly operated by “The OWL Group” includes:

“OWL Magazine Korea” and “OWL Magazine English” are web magazines and digital archives focusing on content related to tourism, travel, lifestyle, and culture. The plan is to consistently fill these platforms with articles on relevant topics.

“OWL Dictionary” is a dictionary-style website that provides a fresh perspective on Korean-English translations, word meanings, and expressions. It introduces expressions that may be ambiguous for direct translation between Korean and English, as well as trendy words and phrases in both languages.

“The OWL Group: Affiliated Blogs” currently includes the following blogs:

“소인배닷컴 (Smallfry.com)” has been consistently updating its blog since 2008, covering various topics. The blog has received recognition, awards, and engaged in collaborations with entities such as KBS Radio, companies, and publications.

“영어공부 (Reckon)” is a blog dedicated to English language learning. Since its creation in 2016, it has been selected as a Tistory Top Blogger and accumulated a substantial number of visitors.

“The OWL Group: Business Areas” involves content planning and production based on web magazines. The content creation includes article writing, photo shooting and editing, video shooting and editing. The group conducts online promotion and marketing based on the created content.

Collaboration proposals are always welcome. If you have requests or proposals, please contact the following email address: suggest.owlmagazine@gmail.com. Thank you.

  • Email : suggest.owlmagazine@gmail.com