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Osaka Amerikamura: ‘Apple Store’

Having evolved into a global giant, Apple now has its presence felt with Apple Stores in major cities. In Osaka, you can find an Apple Store located across the street from the Shinsaibashi Shopping Street in the central area of Osaka, known as Amerikamura, often referred to as Osaka’s Hongdae.

‘Apple Store at the Entrance of Amerikamura’

The Apple Store is situated not far from Dotonbori, a central tourist destination in the southern part of Osaka. It is conveniently located at the beginning of Amerikamura, within walking distance.

Similar to other Apple Stores, this one is also prominently positioned along a main street, making it easily recognizable with the distinctive Apple logo.

‘New iPhone XS MAX on Display at Osaka’s Apple Store’

The Apple Store in Osaka didn’t significantly differ from other Apple Stores. If there was a notable difference compared to Apple Stores in Korea, it was the presence of the latest iPhone models, including the ‘iPhone XS’ and ‘iPhone XS MAX,’ which were part of the first wave of iPhone releases in Japan.

While these models will soon be available in Korea, it was interesting to have an early look at them in Japan.

‘Significant Size of the iPhone XS MAX’

The size of the ‘iPhone XS MAX’ that I saw in person was quite substantial. I personally use the previous model, the ‘iPhone X,’ which I purchased while traveling in Tokyo.

Considering the ‘iPhone X’ already felt large compared to previous models, comparing it with the newly introduced ‘iPhone XS MAX’ revealed a considerable increase in size.

Since it hadn’t been long since I purchased my current phone, and fortunately, there weren’t significant differences between the new model and its predecessor, I decided not to make a purchase. However, seeing a model not yet available in Korea was a novel experience.

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