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Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass: “Unlimited Daily Usage”

In the Kansai region of Japan, various travel passes are available, such as the Kansai Thru Pass and Osaka Amazing Pass. Kyoto also offers similar passes, and during this Kyoto trip, I used the Bus One-Day Pass, allowing unlimited bus rides for a day.

“Unlimited transportation card available in Kyoto”

The One-Day Pass, allowing unlimited bus rides in Kyoto, can be purchased for 600 yen for adults. In Kyoto, three bus companies operate, including Kyoto City Bus, Kyoto Bus, and Keihan Bus. With the Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass, you can enjoy unlimited rides on both Kyoto Bus and Kyoto City Bus for an entire day.

Additionally, there’s a pass that includes unlimited subway usage, but for this trip, I chose the bus pass since I didn’t plan to use the subway.

“Bus pass for unlimited rides at 600 yen per day”

The basic fare for Kyoto buses is 230 yen, and it’s a flat-rate system regardless of the distance traveled. For reference, it’s approximately 2,300 won. Travelers often spend a considerable amount on transportation, so purchasing the Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass makes bus travel more economical. With a basic fare of 230 yen and the unlimited pass at 600 yen, it becomes cost-effective even after just three rides.

“Convenient transportation card eliminating the need for cash with every bus boarding”

Using the transportation card eliminates the need to pay cash every time you board a bus, providing convenience. Unlike in Korea, where many places still only accept cash, having a transportation card avoids the process of paying with cash, simplifying the experience.

“Places to purchase the Bus One-Day Pass”

Several locations offer the option to purchase the Bus One-Day Pass, with the information center inside Kyoto Station being the most convenient. Other places to buy the transportation card include:

  • Information Center inside Kyoto Station
  • Kyoto Station Bus Stop D1 Area
  • Purchase from the bus driver when getting off (subject to availability)
  • Purchase in advance in Korea and receive it by mail or collect it at Kansai Airport

“How to use Kyoto buses”

Unlike buses in Korea, Kyoto buses have a rear entrance and a front exit. Board through the rear door and, when getting off, simply touch your transportation card.

When using the unlimited pass to board a bus, there’s a slot similar to subway gates where you insert the card to register the usage date. After the initial use, there’s no need to insert the card again when boarding a different bus; just show the One-Day Pass card to the bus driver when getting off.

Overall, Kyoto bus drivers are generally friendly, making the experience hassle-free.

“Available bus routes with the One-Day Pass”

When you purchase the Bus One-Day Pass, you also receive a map of the available bus routes. As most tourist destinations in Kyoto are accessible by bus, I found it more convenient to search and plan bus routes using Google Maps. It’s important to note that only “Keihan buses” should be avoided.

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