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Japan Kyoto “Coca-Cola Coffee & Kyoto Edition”

In Japan, you can find a variety of items. Perhaps due to having a larger population than us, it feels like there is a greater variety of general goods and food.

While visiting Japanese convenience stores or Don Quijote stores, I encountered unique cola products. One is the Coca-Cola Coffee Edition, and the other is the Kyoto Edition.

“Coca-Cola with Coffee”

First, let’s take a look at the Coca-Cola Coffee Edition. It’s a product made by combining coffee with Coca-Cola.

Since it was a product I hadn’t seen before, I purchased it out of curiosity and tasted it. However, the flavor was not particularly appealing. It made me wonder why I was spending money on and drinking this product.

“Coca-Cola Kyoto Edition”

Next, I came across the “Coca-Cola Kyoto Edition” at a Don Quijote store in Kyoto. This product had the original Coca-Cola with packaging that symbolizes Kyoto.

Since it was a product found in Kyoto, I also bought it to taste.

These are small items discovered during the trip.