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Kyoto Station Cafe “Starbucks”

After exploring Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka in Kyoto, Kyoto Tower caught my eye on the way down. Although it was not yet 9:00 AM, all the shops were closed, creating a serene atmosphere.

As it was the last night of my Kyoto trip, I didn’t want to return to my accommodation just yet. Considering where to spend time, the thought of finding an open place around Kyoto Station crossed my mind.

“Kyoto Tower Near Kyoto Station Closes at 9:00 PM Too”

Moving to Kyoto Station, I considered going up Kyoto Tower, but I discovered that the tower also closes at 9:00 PM. Arriving at Kyoto Station a little past 9:00 PM, visiting Kyoto Tower became impossible.

“Starbucks Near Kyoto Station”

With few alternative options, I decided to spend time at Starbucks. I found a Starbucks near Kyoto Station, specifically located in Kyoto Prota. There were two Starbucks in Kyoto Prota, one to the west and one to the east. I chose to visit the Starbucks on the east side.

“Japanese Starbucks Similar to Those in Korea”

Japanese Starbucks resembled those in Korea, with minimal differences. Since Starbucks operates globally as a franchise, there are common practices worldwide.

One slight difference I noticed was the availability of power outlets throughout Korean Starbucks for easy use of laptops and electronic devices. In Japanese Starbucks, it was less common to find such outlets.

While I could easily find power outlets in a Starbucks in Dotonbori, Osaka, it was not the case in Kyoto. Perhaps, this could be considered a distinction between Osaka and Kyoto.

“Japan Kyoto, Kyoto Station Starbucks”