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Dotonbori, Osaka: Culinary Alley ‘Hojenji Yokocho’

If you venture south into the small alleyways of Dotonbori in Osaka, you’ll discover “Hojenji.” Hojenji is a place where you can find the statue of Hodomayo-Osou covered in moss.

“Culinary Alley Surrounding Hojenji, ‘Hojenji Yokocho'”

In the vicinity of Hojenji, you’ll find a narrow alley known as “Hojenji Yokocho.” In Japanese, “Yokocho” translates to a “small alley.”

Hojenji Yokocho is a historic alley filled with izakayas (Japanese pubs) and restaurants. When you visit this place, you’ll see restaurants lining the narrow alley, creating an atmosphere unique to Japan.

“A Narrow Alley Where Only a Few People Can Pass”

Some parts of Hojenji Yokocho are exceptionally narrow. There are places where only one or two people can pass at a time. Despite its narrowness, the alley leads to Dotonbori’s main street, giving it the charm of a hidden urban passage.

“A Setting for Literature and Theater”

Hojenji Yokocho has been used as a backdrop in various literary works. It has served as the setting for many literary pieces, including Sakunosuke Oda’s novel “Meotogenzai” and several theatrical productions.

Given this historical depth, it naturally became a backdrop for creative works in the Dotonbori area.

“Japan, Osaka, Dotonbori: Hojenji Yokocho”

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