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Kansai International Airport – Immigration Procedures

The flight departing from Incheon International Airport arrived at Kansai International Airport in Japan approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes later. Similar to Incheon Airport, Kansai International Airport is an artificial island airport built in the sea.

“Airport on Osaka’s Artificial Island”

Kansai International Airport is situated on an artificial island exclusive to Osaka, offering the advantage of a sea view from the moment the plane lands.

“Immigration Procedures at Kansai International Airport”

Upon disembarking from the aircraft, the immigration process naturally follows. The procedures for entering Japan at Kansai International Airport were not significantly different from those experienced at Tokyo Narita Airport.

After disembarking, clearing immigration, retrieving luggage, and declaring items to customs, the immigration process concludes. The steps can be summarized as follows:

“Kansai Airport Immigration Process”

  • Disembarkation
  • Immigration clearance (usually, an entry declaration form is filled out onboard)
  • Luggage retrieval
  • Customs declaration
  • Completion of immigration

For travelers from South Korea, a treaty with Japan allows for a visa-free stay of up to 90 days. The Japanese immigration process typically includes fingerprint registration and photo capture.

On the day of the visit, the number of travelers was relatively low, leading to a swift immigration process. After completing immigration, moving to the luggage retrieval area, and not having checked baggage allowed for a direct transition to customs, concluding the immigration process.

From disembarkation to completion, the entire process took approximately 30 minutes.

“Completion of Immigration at Kansai International Airport”

After completing immigration at Kansai International Airport, Japanese individuals at the entrance kindly distributed hand towels as a gesture of welcoming visitors to the airport. This immediate warm reception created a positive atmosphere.

Subsequently, the pocket Wi-Fi collected at Incheon Airport was activated for internet connectivity. Ready to embark on the actual journey in Japan, I commenced my travels.

“Kansai International Airport”

  • Address: 1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture 549-0001, Japan
  • Phone Number: +81 72-455-2500
  • Website: Kansai International Airpor