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Osaka Dotonbori River Cruise: ‘Tombori River Cruise’

In Dotonbori, Osaka, various types of river cruises can be seen navigating the waters, offering a glimpse into why this area is highlighted as a representative tourist destination.

The river cruise in Dotonbori is complimentary with the ‘Osaka Amazing Pass.’ If you have the pass while visiting Dotonbori, I recommend maximizing the services available.

‘River Cruises to Explore Throughout Dotonbori’

Dotonbori boasts several types of river cruises, indicating the presence of various service providers. Checking the Osaka Amazing Pass website reveals multiple cruise options available for boarding in Dotonbori.

Among these, I chose to experience the ‘Tombori River Cruise,’ conveniently located not far from the center of Dotonbori.

‘Tombori River Cruise: Departing Every 10 Minutes’

The Tombori River Cruise operates every 10 minutes. Although the website states departures every 30 minutes, in reality, it was every 10 minutes, making the waiting time relatively short, fortunately.

Once aboard, the cruise allows approximately 20 minutes of sightseeing along the Dotonbori River. A guide on board provides explanations, occasionally in Japanese and sometimes in English. However, the English explanations may not be as detailed as the Japanese ones.

‘Boarding the River Cruise’

Boarding is straightforward. Purchase tickets at the ticket exchange near the cruise boarding area. Even when using the Osaka Amazing Pass, tickets need to be exchanged, and the process can be completed at the designated booth.

As it was a day with Typhoon Jami approaching, it was raining. Due to the weather, there were not many people boarding the cruise. This worked to my advantage as the lower attendance meant a comfortable and quick boarding experience.

‘Facilities Available Even in the Late Evening’

Notably, unlike other tourist sites, the Tombori River Cruise operates until 9:00 PM. If utilizing the Osaka Amazing Pass, I recommend visiting other attractions during the day and then heading to Dotonbori for the river cruise in the evening.

‘Japan, Osaka Dotonbori, Tombori River Cruise’

  • Address: 7-17 Souemoncho, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0084, Japan
  • Phone: +81 6-6441-0532
  • Website: http://www.ipponmatsu.co.jp/cruise/tombori.html
  • Operating Hours: 13:00 – 21:00 (Departs every hour at 00 and 30 minutes, sometimes every 10 minutes)