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Kyoto “How to Take the Bus”

The buses in Kyoto, Japan, have some differences compared to buses in South Korea. In South Korea, passengers typically board the bus through the front door, tagging their transportation card, and exit through the rear door, tagging their card again.

“In Kyoto, Board Through the Rear Door and Exit Through the Front Door”

However, in Kyoto, the process is the opposite. Passengers board through the rear door and exit through the front door, paying the bus fare upon exit.

Fortunately, when you want to exit, you can follow a similar process to South Korea. Pressing the exit button alerts the bus driver, who stops at the next station. The exit button is labeled in Japanese as “Please Stop.”

“Kyoto Bus Fare: 230 Yen”

In Kyoto, the bus fare is a flat 230 yen per boarding, regardless of the distance traveled. This is different from South Korea, where a distance-based fare system is commonly used.

One important note is that if you pay with cash, the bus driver will not provide change. For example, if you pay 300 yen, you won’t receive change for 70 yen. Therefore, when using cash to board the bus, it’s essential to have the exact fare ready.

“Kyoto Bus One-Day Unlimited Pass”

Alternatively, you can use the Kyoto Bus One-Day Unlimited Pass, allowing unlimited rides for one day. The pass costs 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children.

Understanding how to board and exit buses in Kyoto, given these differences, will be helpful before taking a ride.