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Enchanting Arashiyama: A Journey Through Kyoto’s Natural Wonderland

In the western part of Kyoto City, you can find the famous tourist destination called Arashiyama. This area is characterized by the wide expanse between the Hozugawa Gorge created by the Arashiyama and Itago Mountains and the Katsura River flowing through it.

Above the Katsura River, you can find a bridge named Togetsukyo, which is known as the “Moon Crossing Bridge.” It’s an old-fashioned bridge made of wood, harmonizing well with the Arashiyama landscape.

“Arashiyama: Harmony with Nature”

Upon the first visit to Arashiyama, one is likely to be amazed by its natural scenery. Although situated in the tourist-packed Kyoto, it gives off the illusion of being in a rural village far away from the city.

I still remember eagerly taking pictures of the natural landscape as soon as I got off the bus; such was the allure of Arashiyama.

Generally, Arashiyama sightseeing often begins from the aforementioned “Togetsukyo” bridge. I, too, followed the same path.

“Various Attractions in Arashiyama”

Arashiyama covers a vast area, making it a prominent tourist destination in Kyoto. Here, you can find various attractions that contribute to its fame.

One of the first places that comes to mind in Arashiyama is the “Bamboo Grove,” a place where you can walk along a bamboo-lined path. The bamboo grove, named “Chikurin,” extends for approximately 600m, connecting Tenryu-ji and Nonomiya Shrine to the Torokko Train Station.

Around the bamboo grove, you can find the “Tenryu-ji” temple, recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Additionally, you can explore the Torokko Train, which offers a scenic ride through the gorge, and a viewing platform. Arashiyama provides diverse attractions for visitors.

“Rickshaw Experience in Arashiyama”

In Arashiyama, you can experience a rickshaw ride. Heading north from Togetsukyo, you’ll encounter rickshaws and the individuals pulling them. A ride costs around 2,000 yen, approximately 20,000 won.

“View from Arashiyama Park Observation Deck”

Throughout Arashiyama, you can find parks in various locations. Not far from the bamboo grove, there’s a park with an observation deck.

From this observation deck, you can enjoy the scenery of the Hozugawa Gorge. The sign claimed you could see boats coming down the river and the Torokko Train passing by, but during my visit, none of these were visible.

Even waiting according to the train schedule mentioned on the sign, I could only hear the sound of the train passing without actually seeing it. Perhaps the trees obstructed the view.

Despite that, Arashiyama remains one of the most memorable places during my trip to Kyoto. If you’re traveling to Kyoto, it’s a must-visit destination that leaves a lasting impression.

“Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan”

  • Address: Saganakanoshimacho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8383, Japan
  • Reference: The location on the map corresponds to Arashiyama Park.