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Ebisubashi Shopping Street in Osaka’s Namba

In the heart of Osaka’s bustling Namba district, you’ll find Dotonbori, a symbolic location that vividly represents the city. The path extending from Dotonbori is known as the “Ebisubashi Shopping Street,” featuring a long arcade shopping district.

“Prosperous Street Once Devoted to Imamiya Ebisu Shrine Pilgrimages”

The Ebisubashi Shopping Street was historically famous as a pilgrimage route to the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine. This prominence attracted traditional and renowned establishments, gradually filling the area.

Nowadays, it has evolved into a central business district in Osaka, drawing various shops, both large and small, from different sectors. It has become a representative shopping destination in the Osaka region.

“A 370m Long Shopping Street Crossing Dotonbori Vertically”

Ebisubashi Shopping Street is considered a symbol of “Minami,” the southern part of Osaka. It spans 370 meters, connecting Ebisubashi to large department stores. Especially during the evening, it becomes a lively place teeming with tourists who have visited Dotonbori.

If your trip primarily revolves around shopping, this area is a must-visit, providing a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

“Osaka Namba, Ebisubashi Shopping Street”