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Rapi:t Train – Transportation from Kansai Airport to Osaka Namba Station

There are various ways to travel from Kansai International Airport, the gateway to the Kansai region in Japan, to the central area of Osaka. These include regular trains, buses, limousine buses, taxis, and express trains. Among them, the “Rapi:t Train” is the fastest means of transportation to Osaka Namba.

“Fastest Transportation from Kansai Airport to Osaka Namba, Rapi:t (Rapid) Train”

The Rapi:t Train is an express train that connects Kansai International Airport to Osaka Namba in just 35 minutes. Despite its much faster speed compared to regular trains, its cost is not significantly different, making it an advantageous choice.

When purchasing tickets locally in Japan, a one-way ticket costs around 1,300 yen, approximately 13,000 won. (Even when using regular trains or subways, the cost from Kansai International Airport to Namba Station is about 1,000 yen, so there isn’t a significant price difference.)

“Ways to Use Rapi:t Train More Economically”

Additionally, with advance preparation, you can use the train more economically. Before your Japan trip, you can purchase a “Rapi:t Train ticket exchange voucher” online through a travel agency.

By doing this, you can buy a round-trip Rapi:t Train ticket for around 20,000 won. In my case, since I also planned to purchase the Osaka Amazing Pass, I bought the “Amazing Pass + Rapi:t Train round-trip ticket” as a set, costing around 50,000 won for both.

“Receiving Tickets at Kansai Airport”

I had pre-ordered the tickets online. You can choose to pick them up at Incheon Airport, Kansai Airport, or have them delivered to your home. Among these options, I chose to pick them up directly at Kansai Airport.

At Kansai Airport, I obtained the train exchange voucher at the HanaTour booth. Later, I exchanged the voucher for train tickets at the Nankai ticket exchange counter.

The exchange voucher has two tickets attached: one for the outbound journey and the other for the return journey. At major stations, you can find ticket exchange counters, so you can use the tickets based on your schedule.

“Boarding the Rapi:t Train”

Boarding the train is straightforward. Insert the exchanged ticket into the Nankai station gate at Kansai Airport, and you’re in. When you put the ticket in, it comes out again, so be sure to take it back; you’ll need to submit it again when you get off.

Checking the Rapi:t Train ticket, you’ll find the car and seat numbers assigned. These numbers, written in Chinese characters and Arabic numerals, help you locate your designated seat for a comfortable journey.

“Rapi:t Train Stops at Several Stations”

Although the Rapi:t Train’s final destination is Namba Station, it makes stops at intermediate stations.

In my case, when heading into Osaka city, I got off at Shin-Imamiya Station. When returning from Osaka to Kansai Airport, I boarded the train at Namba Station. The stops include Kansai Airport, Rinku Town, Izumisano, Tengachaya, Shin-Imamiya, and Namba.

“Rapi:t Train (Rapid)”

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