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Hotel Sunplaza2 Annex – Accommodation near Shin-Imamiya Station, Osaka

For the first two nights of my 4-day, 5-night trip to the Kansai region of Japan, I decided to stay in Osaka, with the remaining two nights planned for Kyoto.

The hotel I chose for my initial stay in Osaka was located slightly south of Osaka Namba, near Shin-Imamiya Station.

“A Hotel boasting tremendous cost-effectiveness in Shin-Imamiya”

The reason for choosing accommodation in this area for my Osaka trip was simple: it offered tremendous cost-effectiveness. Perhaps it was the off-peak season, but the cost was only around 16,000 won per night. Despite a two-night stay, I could resolve my accommodation needs for just 32,000 won, allowing me to significantly save on travel expenses.

“Hotel near Shin-Imamiya Station in Osaka”

The hotel I stayed at, “Sunplaza2 Annex,” is located near Shin-Imamiya Station, just one station away from the central area of Namba, a focal point of Osaka travel.

Near Shin-Imamiya Station, you can find both “Sunplaza Annex” and “Sunplaza2 Annex” hotels. The former is closer to the station, while the latter is a bit farther away.

“A hotel that reads like a hotel but feels like a guesthouse”

Due to its remarkably low price, I didn’t have high expectations for the facilities, but it turned out to be acceptable. The lobby on the first floor was decorated in a typical hotel atmosphere.

In the lobby, a small robot greeted visitors, and tables were set up with vending machines for simple meals.

However, when entering the guest room, it felt more like a guesthouse than a hotel. Nevertheless, having a small room to myself was satisfactory.

“Shared toilets and showers”

Due to the affordable price, private shower facilities or toilets were not available in the room. Instead, there were shared shower booths and toilets, which were kept clean, causing minimal inconvenience during use.

Although the number of shower booths seemed limited compared to the number of rooms, I never felt inconvenienced as there was always an available space during my preferred usage times.

However, the shower booths were designed based on Japanese sizes, and for someone from Korea, they might feel somewhat cramped. Experiencing a shower in such a compact space was a unique aspect.

“Coin-operated laundry and dryer on the first floor”

On the first floor, there were coin-operated laundry and dryer facilities available at an affordable price. If needed, it was possible to do laundry inexpensively, helping to take care of any accumulated laundry during the trip.

The hotel, “Sunplaza2 Annex,” near Shin-Imamiya Station in Osaka, provided excellent value for the money. However, after looking into the area post-trip, it was mentioned that this area in Osaka might not be particularly safe, and many low-cost accommodations could be found there.

Coincidentally or not, I had a nightmare while sleeping at this accommodation. Unfortunately, this experience made me somewhat hesitant to stay there again. However, if you are planning a budget-friendly trip and are not overly concerned about this, it’s not a bad option.

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