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“Kobe Airport to Kansai International Airport – Boarding the Bay Shuttle”

Opting for a unique and experimental approach, I chose to travel from Kobe Sanomiya Station to Kansai International Airport using the Bay Shuttle, rather than the more convenient and faster option of an airport limousine bus.

“Traveling from Kobe Sanomiya Station to Kobe Airport with Port Liner”

Initially, from Kobe Sanomiya Station to Kobe Airport, I utilized the Port Liner train, with a cost of 340 yen and a travel time of approximately 18 minutes. Information regarding boarding the Port Liner can be found by following the link below:

“Moving from Kobe Airport to the Bay Shuttle Boarding Area”

Upon reaching Kobe Airport, the final destination of the Port Liner, you need to proceed to the “Bay Shuttle Boarding Area.” Kobe Airport offers a free shuttle bus service from the Port Liner station to the Bay Shuttle boarding area. You can observe the bus arriving at the shuttle bus boarding area at scheduled times. If, for any reason, the bus schedule doesn’t align with the Bay Shuttle boarding time, you can walk to the Bay Shuttle boarding area, taking around 7-8 minutes across the parking lot.

I personally opted for the shuttle bus from Kobe Airport to the Bay Shuttle boarding area. However, there were very few people using it during that time, making it somewhat inconvenient.

“Boarding the Bay Shuttle at Kobe Airport Bay Shuttle Boarding Area”

Upon arrival at the Bay Shuttle boarding area, it’s time to purchase a ticket for boarding the Bay Shuttle. The Bay Shuttle operates nearly every hour, and while you can reserve tickets in advance, it seemed that there were plenty of available seats without prior reservations.

Entering the Bay Shuttle boarding area, the staff is ready to assist you in purchasing tickets. By presenting your passport and paying 500 yen, you can obtain your ticket after passport verification. (For foreigners, the one-way ticket is discounted to 500 yen, while it costs 1,880 yen for Japanese nationals.) After purchasing the ticket, proceed to the boarding gate 10 minutes before the Bay Shuttle’s arrival time.

“Traveling from Kansai Airport Pier to Kansai International Airport”

After approximately 30 minutes on the Bay Shuttle, you will arrive at the Kansai International Airport Pier. Upon disembarking, a shuttle bus awaits to transport you directly to Kansai International Airport. The journey from the pier to the airport takes around 7-8 minutes.

Once you reach the departure floor (4th floor) at Kansai International Airport, proceed to the airline check-in counters for check-in and prepare for departure.

If you have the time flexibility and enjoy trying new things, using the Bay Shuttle to travel affordably from Kobe to Kansai International Airport could be a memorable experience. While taking the limousine bus for convenience is a good option, exploring a different and unique route might leave a lasting impression on your travel memories.

“Kobe Airport to Kansai International Airport, Bay Shuttle Transportation”