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Osaka, Northern Central Area ‘Umeda’

When travelers think of Osaka, the first place that comes to mind is ‘Dotonbori,’ located in the south. However, I heard from locals that as time passes, the commercial focus is gradually shifting towards the Umeda area.

Umeda is also a central area in Osaka, forming a pair with Dotonbori. While Dotonbori may be more well-known among tourists, Umeda is considered more popular among local Japanese.

‘New Central Hub of Osaka, Umeda’

Umeda is emerging as the new central hub of Osaka. This is because Umeda houses Osaka Station, a terminal that serves three subway lines, including ‘Hankyu Sen’ and ‘Hanshin Sen,’ making it the starting point of Osaka.

With the development of businesses around the terminal, various shops have proliferated, and high-rise buildings have been erected, solidifying Umeda as the economic center of Osaka.

‘Famous for its Complex Underground Shopping Arcade’

Umeda is particularly famous for its underground shopping arcade, known to be as intricate as an ant’s nest. The underground area in Umeda is packed with tea houses, restaurants, as well as stores selling Western clothing, accessories, groceries, and more.

‘Ferris Wheel in Umeda: Hep Five Ferris Wheel’

You can also find a Ferris wheel in Umeda, adding a somewhat unique touch to the urban landscape. Connected to a shopping mall called ‘Hep Five,’ this Ferris wheel is appropriately named the ‘Hep Five Ferris Wheel.’ If you have the Osaka Amazing Pass, you can ride it for free, making it a recommended visit for pass holders.

‘Umeda Sky Building’

In Umeda, you can discover the ‘Umeda Sky Building.’ Located in the Umeda Sky Building, the rooftop offers a panoramic view of Osaka. If you visit in the evening, you can witness the sunset, and the night view is also breathtaking. Similar to the Ferris wheel, the Umeda Sky Building’s Sky Garden is accessible for free with the Osaka Amazing Pass, making it a must-visit for pass holders.

‘Japan Osaka, Umeda’

  • Address: Kita, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0001, Japan