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Osaka-Kyoto Railway Route: Keihan Railway

Osaka and Kyoto are representative tourist cities in the Kansai region, along with Nara and Kobe. Accessible through Kansai International Airport, travelers often pass through Osaka when heading to Kyoto. 

“With various routes connecting Osaka and Kyoto”

Given the proximity of Osaka and Kyoto, there are diverse transportation options like trains, buses, and subways. Personally, I found the Keihan Railway to be the most economical for traveling between Osaka and Kyoto.

“Keihan Railway: A relatively affordable option for Osaka-Kyoto transit”

The Keihan Railway connects Osaka’s Yodoyabashi and Kyoto’s Sanjo, offering an electric railway route. While it may be somewhat slower due to numerous stations and curves, the relatively low cost compensates for this drawback.

“Diverse grades of service on the Keihan Line”

Observing trains at Keihan Line stations reveals a variety of colors and designs, representing different service grades. Timely use of express or limited-stop trains is recommended for faster travel between Osaka and Kyoto.

  • Express (Pink)
  • Limited Express (Red)
  • Rapid Express (Commuter Rapid, Purple)
  • Express (Late-Night Express, Orange)
  • Semi-Express (Commuter Semi-Express, Blue)
  • Sectional Rapid (Green)
  • Local (Black)

“No additional fees for boarding express trains on the Keihan Line”

A distinctive feature of the Keihan Line is the absence of additional fees for boarding express or higher-grade trains. Passengers can comfortably use available seats without specific reservations, even on limited express trains.

“First and last train timings”

Detailed train schedules for each service grade can be checked on the website. Essential information includes the first and last train timings:

“From Osaka (Yodoyabashi) to Kyoto (Demachiyanagi)”

  • First train: (Weekday/Weekend) 5:04 AM, Ordinary train
  • Last train: (Weekday/Weekend) 11:40 PM, Limited Express to Sanjo

“From Kyoto (Demachiyanagi) to Osaka (Yodoyabashi)”

  • First train: (Weekday/Weekend) 5:00 AM, Sub-express train
  • Last train: (Weekday/Weekend) 11:30 PM, Express train

“Japan Osaka-Kyoto Railway: Keihan Railway”