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Kyoto “Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine”

In the heart of Kyoto, you can find the “Nishiki Market,” often referred to as Kyoto’s Kitchen. The Nishiki Market boasts a tradition spanning over 400 years.

“Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine, Located at the End of Nishiki Market”

As you enter Nishiki Market from the west and proceed to its eastern end, you’ll encounter Torii. Passing through Torii, you’ll find “Nishiki Tenmangu” Shrine at the back.

Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine is a place dedicated to the deity of learning and, simultaneously, to the deity of commercial prosperity. As a result, it’s a shrine frequently visited by those seeking success in their studies or exams.

“Established in 1003”

Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine holds a long history, founded in the year 1003. Initially located elsewhere, it was relocated to its present position in 1587 as part of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s urban redevelopment plan.

“Underground Spring Offering Top-Quality Water”

While Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine is renowned as a shrine, the water available here is equally famous. The underground spring is known as Nishiki’s water, classified as top-quality spring water. Visiting in the morning, you might witness people coming to fetch this water.

“Unique Hello Kitty Amulets at the Shrine”

This shrine offers unique amulets, including the Hello Kitty amulet designed for love. The Kitty in the amulet holds a carp, symbolizing catching love. This symbolism is rooted in the Japanese word for carp, “koi,” which sounds similar to the word for love, “koi.”

Situated conveniently, directly connected to Nishiki Market, it’s an accessible location to explore while visiting Nishiki Market or Gion.

“Japan Kyoto, Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine”

  • Address: 537 Kyogoku Dori, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8042, Japan
  • Phone: +81 75-231-5732
  • Website: Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine