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3 Nights 4 Days Winter Trip to Jeju Island (2021)

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, travel had been put on hold for a while. Who could have imagined that my last trip to Jeju Island in 2018 would be my final journey for such a long time?

Although the COVID situation hadn’t completely settled, I decided to ease my restlessness by planning a budget-friendly trip to nearby Jeju Island.

“Jeju Island Travel Expenses”

As is usually the case with my personal travels, this trip was also on a budget. Since I was traveling alone, expenses were kept minimal. The basic costs for my 3 nights 4 days trip to Jeju Island were as follows:

  • Round-trip Airfare via “Jeju Air”: KRW 65,400
  • Hotel “Seogwipo Shinsin Hotel Cheonjiyeon” (2 Nights): KRW 62,849
  • Hotel “Seongsan Codelia S Hotel” (1 Night): KRW 34,458
  • Car Rental: “Blue Rent a Car” BMW i3 (3 Days + 1 Hour): KRW 103,500
  • Jeju Tour Pass (2 Days): KRW 17,840

When totaling up the above amounts, my 3 nights 4 days trip to Jeju Island cost approximately KRW 284,047. Considering the experiences gained during this trip, it was relatively affordable.

While there may have been ways to further reduce costs with more advanced planning and earlier bookings, for a trip that was decided and booked the day before departure, it was quite economical. Additionally, traveling in December, which is considered an off-peak season for Jeju, contributed to the affordability.

“Jeju Tour Pass”

One of the new discoveries during this trip was the “Jeju Tour Pass.” When I traveled to Osaka, Japan in the past, I was able to drastically save on travel expenses by using a pass called the “Osaka Pass.” I’m not sure if this pass for Jeju Island is a recent addition or if it had been available from the beginning, but it was certainly useful.

I purchased a 2-day pass for KRW 17,840, which granted me free admission to various places and even provided complimentary items. Notably, I was able to visit Jeju Folk Village for free. Considering the adult admission fee for the Folk Village alone is KRW 11,000, the Jeju Tour Pass proved to be a useful item, especially if you plan to visit the Folk Village and a few other places.

Thanks to the Jeju Tour Pass, I was able to travel economically. However, there were moments where I felt torn between whether I had come to Jeju to accomplish missions using the pass or to simply relax and enjoy a vacation.

Nevertheless, with good self-management, the Jeju Tour Pass is undoubtedly a valuable tool for experiencing Jeju Island on a budget.

“Jeju Island Itinerary for 3 Nights 4 Days”

Here is a summary of the places I visited during my 3 nights 4 days trip to Jeju Island:

“December 19” (Pre-trip):

“December 20”

“December 21”

“December 22”

“December 23”

“Jeju Travel Map”

Additionally, I’ve added the places I visited on this trip to my existing Jeju travel map. Each location can be clicked on to read a review. The map is attached below.

I hope this map will be helpful when planning your trip to Jeju Island.