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Jeju Seongsan Harbor Raw Fish Restaurant “Seongsanpo Fisheries Cooperative Fish Center”

Near Seongsan Harbor in Jeju Island, you can find a direct sales market selling flatfish. You can visit the “Seongsanpo Fisheries Cooperative Flatfish Center,” where you can find various seafood. Since it is operated by the fisheries cooperative, one of the advantages is that you can enjoy raw fish at an affordable price without the need for a haggling process.

“Seongsanpo Fisheries Cooperative Flatfish Center”

If you go up to the 3rd floor of the Seongsanpo Fisheries Cooperative Flatfish Center building, you will find a restaurant. This place is also operated by the cooperative, and as it is a newly built facility, it is well-maintained and clean.

Furthermore, the staff members who take orders and serve are very friendly, making it a place you can visit without any discomfort.

“Set Menu for One Person: KRW 25,000”

You can order a set menu here, which costs KRW 25,000 per person. It used to be KRW 20,000 before, but it seems to have been offered at a lower price as a special opening promotion. (Now, due to inflation, there is a possibility that the price has gone up.)

Even if you visit alone, you can enjoy the set menu for one person. Personally, it was my first time eating raw fish alone, and I was a bit nervous, but the staff welcomed me kindly, so I was able to enjoy the meal comfortably without much pressure.

Additionally, it could also be the staff’s way of suggesting to enjoy the meal comfortably, but they mentioned that many people come here alone to enjoy a meal.

“A Generous and Satisfying Meal”

I was a bit concerned that even though it was a set menu for one person, it might not be sufficient, but it turned out to be quite generous. It was enjoyable to pick and try various dishes.

Additional dishes were served intermittently, and even for someone like me who eats a lot, finishing all the food was challenging due to the abundance. I ended the meal with a seafood stew, which was served in a pot since it was a portion for one person. (For two or more servings, it comes on a stove.)

Overall, it is a raw fish restaurant with excellent cost performance, where you can enjoy a generous meal at a reasonable price. Especially, one of the most noteworthy aspects is that you can try the set menu even when traveling alone in Jeju, making it a place worth visiting if you want to have raw fish by yourself.

“Jeju Seongsanpo Fisheries Cooperative Flatfish Center”