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Jeju Jungmun “Daepo Columnar Joints”

Columnar joints are a type of rock formation where a series of jointed columns form due to the cooling and contraction of volcanic lava. In the Seogwipo area of Jeju Island, you can find these unique geological formations.

The formation of columnar joints is a result of rapid cooling of lava, causing it to contract and crack in a column-like pattern. This creates the distinctive hexagonal or polygonal shapes seen in columnar joint formations.

“Jeju Jungmun Daepo Columnar Joints”

Near the Jungmun Tourist Complex in Jeju, you can marvel at the stunning sight of “Daepo Columnar Joints.” While the park may not be very extensive, it has been developed as the Daepo Columnar Joint Park, and an admission fee is charged accordingly.

“Admission Fee & Parking Fee”

As it is a bit remote, most visitors come by car and will need to pay a separate parking fee. The admission fee is 2,000 KRW per adult, and the parking fee is about 2,000 KRW per vehicle. For small cars, it’s 1,000 KRW, but for larger vehicles, it’s more expensive.

“Enjoying Columnar Joints from the Observation Deck”

Upon entering the park and heading to the observatory on the left, you can appreciate the columnar joints up close. It is said that in severe cases, you can see waves surging over 20 meters high in the southern sea of Jeju Island, but on the day I visited, the waves were not that high as the weather was relatively good.

The Daepo Columnar Joints in Jungmun are known for their height of 30-40 meters and a width of about 1 kilometer, boasting the largest scale in Korea. It is designated as Natural Monument No. 443 in Jeju and is a hidden gem in Jeju where you can enjoy a unique natural landscape that can only be seen in Jeju.

“Jeju Seogwipo: Daepo Columnar Joints”

  • Address: 36-30 Ieodo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, 63547
  • Phone: 064-738-1521
  • Business Hours: Daily 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Subject to change depending on sunrise and sunset times)