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Jeju Seogwipo Market “Seogwipo Daily Olle Market”

There is a place that I always visit without fail when traveling to Jeju Island. It is the “Seogwipo Daily Olle Market” located in Seogwipo.

I first visited this place in 2014 when I first traveled to Jeju Island. Since then, I visited it again in 2018 during my trip to Jeju Island, and also in 2021, and again in 2022 during my subsequent trips to Jeju Island.

“Jeju Seogwipo Daily Olle Market”

Until around 2014, Seogwipo Daily Olle Market felt more like a traditional market. It had a local market atmosphere with stalls selling food commonly found in markets.

However, when I visited Seogwipo Olle Market again in 2018, the atmosphere had completely changed. There were shops selling a variety of street food items like Hallabong oranges, seafood, and Omegi rice cakes, going beyond the simple offerings of products like before.

There were also places packaging and selling fresh sashimi, capturing a youthful vibe and transforming it into an even more attractive tourist spot.

Perhaps, due to travel shows like “Battle Trip” where various foods from neighboring countries like Japan and Taiwan were showcased, Seogwipo Olle Market might have been influenced to introduce diverse street food options to tempt tourists. This is just my speculation.

“Revisited Seogwipo Olle Market in 2021”

The atmosphere of Seogwipo Olle Market that I revisited in 2021 continued to blend the traditional market ambiance with a youthful spirit.

I felt like there were even more diverse food options compared to before. Especially since this trip was a solo journey, I had plenty of opportunities to have meals at Seogwipo Olle Market. There were days when I purchased food from the market, took it back to my accommodation, and had my meal there.

While visiting Seogwipo Olle Market and trying out various food options, it would also be great to taste some of the representative dishes of the market, which include:

  • Garlic Chicken
  • Udo Peanut Dumplings
  • Black Pork Skewers
  • Black Pork Croquettes
  • Crab Croquettes & Crab Gratin & Fried Crab Meat
  • Modakchigi (a dish combining kimbap and tteokbokki)
  • Donuts & Ice Cream Rice Cakes
  • Saury Kimbap
  • Squid Bread
  • Udo Peanut Ice Cream

“Visited Seogwipo Olle Market Again in 2022”

I visited Seogwipo Olle Market again during my 2022 trip. This time too, I had the chance to taste a variety of street food. In particular, I bought some Hallabong oranges from the market and enjoyed them throughout my trip. The Hallabong oranges tasted even more delicious in Jeju, and the price was reasonable. So, if you’re traveling in Jeju, it’s not a bad idea to buy a bunch of Hallabong oranges from Seogwipo Olle Market and enjoy them one by one during your trip.

It’s a place in Seogwipo that I never get tired of visiting during my trips to Jeju Island. Every year, I can see it changing a little bit, giving off a vibrant and ever-changing atmosphere. It’s a lively attraction in Seogwipo.

“Jeju Seogwipo Daily Olle Market”

  • Address: 18 Jungang-ro 62beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 63591
  • Phone: 064-762-2925
  • Business Hours: (Summer) 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM, (Winter) 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM