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Jeju Island’s Fortress “Byeolbangjin”

In the northeastern part of Jeju Island, there is a fortress called “Byeolbangjin.” It was designated as Jeju Monument No.24 on April 13, 1974, and is one of the fortresses that can be found on Jeju Island.

“Fortress to Discover in Jeju: Byeolbangjin”

The current circumference of the fortress is 950 meters, built utilizing a topography where the south is high and the north is low, forming an oval-shaped fortress wall. Among the fortresses in Jeju Island, Byeolbangjin is considered an important resource for understanding the construction methods and scale of fortresses in this region, as it retains a relatively well-preserved fortress wall.

According to the records in the Jeju Mok Gwanbangjo (historical records of Jeju), it is stated, “Byeolbang Fortress was built with stones, with a circumference of 2,390 feet and a height of 7 feet. In the 5th year of Jungjong (1510), Jangrim Moksa (the chief Buddhist monk who governed Jeju as a district) said that this land was a place where the Japanese pirates could approach Udo Island closely, so he built the fortress and moved the defense post of Gimnyeong to this place, naming it Byeolbang (meaning ‘separate defense’).”

“Distinct from Mainland Fortresses: Jeju’s Byeolbangjin”

The Byeolbangjin fortress found on Jeju Island exhibits some differences from fortresses seen on the mainland. The use of basalt as the main building material gives it a distinctive Jeju-style appearance. Additionally, the fortress wall itself is not particularly high. Climbing up the stairs made of basalt allows one to easily reach the top of the fortress wall.

“A Perfect Spot for Commemorative Photos with the Sea as a Backdrop”

Byeolbangjin no longer serves its original function and now functions as a historic site and tourist attraction. In front of Byeolbangjin, there is Hado Port, and many people can be found taking commemorative photos with the backdrop of the scenic view of “Hado Port” right in front.

Byeolbangjin, with its unique fortress structure and the sea view of Hado Port in the background, is a hidden gem for capturing beautiful photos.

“Jeju Hado: Byeolbangjin”

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