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Jeju Soesokkak, Unique Museum: ‘Sanmul Tourist Farm’

Soesokkak, located in the southeast of Jeju Island, is situated at the southern end of Hyodoncheon, where the stream flows down from Hallasan Mountain.

The name ‘Soesokkak’ comes from the combination of ‘soe,’ which means a pond where cattle lie down, and ‘ggak,’ which means the last end.

“Jeju Soesokkak: Sanmul Tourist Farm”

Jeju Soesokkak, known for its black sand beach and stunning natural scenery, offers various attractions. It’s particularly well-regarded for providing the opportunity to experience a traditional raft ride.

In Soesokkak, you can also find a unique museum called the ‘Sanmul Tourist Farm.’ It’s a small museum operated privately. Inside the vinyl greenhouse, where actual Hallabong oranges are grown, an interesting collection of various items is exhibited.

“Unusual Museum: Soesokkak Sanmul Tourist Farm”

It’s not easy to describe Soesokkak Sanmul Tourist Farm in one word. It’s like a museum, but not quite, and like a cafe, but also not exactly. It’s a distinctive space that gathers various interesting items in one place, creating a space that can evoke memories and serve as a learning environment where you can see old items.

Soesokkak Sanmul Tourist Farm is a place, especially for the older generation, that can evoke memories. There are many places decorated in the sentiment of the 70s and 80s, making it well-suited for the current trend of ‘retro’ concepts.

“Highlights of Soesokkak Sanmul Tourist Farm”

  • Various Farming Tools: You can see various farming tools used in agriculture.
  • 70s-80s Vibes: You can find nostalgic items like typewriters, telephones, and televisions.
  • Artworks Made from Recycled Materials: Various artworks made from recycled materials are on display.

“Jeju Tour Pass”

You can also visit Soesokkak Sanmul Tourist Farm using the Jeju Tour Pass. With the Jeju Tour Pass, you can enjoy a free cup of Americano. If you don’t feel like having coffee, you can receive a bundle of Jeju tangerines instead.

Although it may seem narrow, it’s a place that surprisingly offers a wide range of attractions. As you wander through the vinyl greenhouse where artworks are exhibited, you may find that time passes by quickly.

“A Suitable Place for Photography”

If you visit with friends or a significant other, it’s also great for taking photos using the various backgrounds and props available at Soesokkak Sanmul Tourist Farm. Inside the vinyl greenhouse, a variety of props are displayed, allowing for photo shoots regardless of the weather.

If you visit with a significant other, taking various photos to commemorate the trip can be a wonderful memory.

“Jeju Soesokkak Sanmul Tourist Farm”

  • Address: 90 Harye-ro, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, 63613
  • Phone: 064-767-9953
  • Instagram: Link to Instagram