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Emart Sinjeju Branch in Jeju Island: Electromart

You can also find an “Emart” in Jeju Island. There are a total of three Emart locations: “Jeju Branch, Sinjeju Branch, Seogwipo Branch”. Among these, the Emart with Electromart is only available at the “Sinjeju Branch.”

“Emart Sinjeju Branch in Jeju Island: Electromart”

While this Emart with Electromart in Jeju Island is smaller compared to Emart locations on the mainland, it’s worth appreciating that they can operate a store of this size on the island.

Moreover, this place is a must-know for those who drive electric cars in Jeju Island. If you head to the rooftop parking lot, you’ll find an electric vehicle charging station.

“Rooftop Parking Lot: Electric Vehicle Charging Station”

On the rooftop parking lot, you can find an electric vehicle charging station operated by “SS Charger.” I had the chance to charge my electric car at various places during this trip to Jeju Island, and the charging station at Emart was the cleanest and the cost was also reasonable.

Even if you don’t make a purchase, if you charge your electric car at the charging station, you can get the parking fee waived. However, to receive the parking fee waiver, you’ll need to go to the Customer Satisfaction Center on the 1st floor after charging on the rooftop and confirm the electric car charging payment. It’s a bit time-consuming to go down from the rooftop to the 1st floor and then back up, which is a bit disappointing.

However, since charging an electric car can take a considerable amount of time, it seems like a viable option to leave it charging and go down to the 1st floor for confirmation in the meantime.

“Emart Sinjeju Branch: Electromart & Electric Vehicle Charging Station”

  • Address: 3348, 1100-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 63082
  • Phone: 064-798-1234
  • Operating Hours: Daily 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Website: Link to Website