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Jeju Aewol Sea View Cafe ‘Bon Cafe Aewol’

In Jeju Island, there are many cafes where you can enjoy a view of the sea, but it can be somewhat challenging to find them when you’re actually looking. However, in Aewol, there are quite a few cafes with sea views.

When it comes to the most famous sea view cafe in the Aewol area of Jeju Island, it’s “Bomnal Cafe.” This place is always bustling with people and often has restrictions on the number of visitors, so if you visit late, you might not be able to get in. Since I had visited “Bomnal” before, this time I decided to visit a different sea view cafe near Aewol Port called “Bon Cafe Aewol.”

“Jeju Sea View Cafe, Bon Cafe Aewol”

“Bon Cafe Aewol” is situated near Jeju Aewol Port, offering a direct view of the seaside. Unlike cafes like Bomnal, which are right on the beach, this cafe is slightly distanced from the shore. However, what’s impressive is the ability to enjoy a sea view from the second floor.

“A Cafe with a Second Floor”

The cafe has a second floor and offers various amenities. You can use a printer or scanner, and they also provide portable chargers for rent. On one side of the second floor, there’s a small unmanned shop where you can self-purchase items you like from the cafe.

“Enjoying the Sea View from the Cafe”

While offering various services, the cafe’s biggest advantage is undoubtedly the sea view. You can take some time to relax and enjoy the view of the sea in front of Jeju Aewol. Ordering a cup of coffee at the cafe and taking in the relaxing atmosphere while gazing at the sea is the best way to enjoy your visit.

In fact, you’ll find many young couples visiting this place. They spend their time taking pictures of each other and creating lasting memories while enjoying the sea view.

“The First Floor Garden is Nicely Decorated.”

The garden on the first floor of the cafe, facing the seaside, is also well-decorated. It’s a great spot to capture beautiful photos with the sea in the background. If you’re visiting with your significant other, it’s a wonderful place to take pictures of each other and create lasting memories.

“Jeju Tour Pass”

This place accepts the Jeju Tour Pass. With the pass, you can enjoy a complimentary Americano or Tangerine Tea.

Alternatively, for an additional fee, you can choose to change to a different menu item. Personally, I ordered Tangerine Tea and scones separately, allowing me to leisurely spend time enjoying the sea view.

This is a charming place in the Aewol area of Jeju where you can peacefully gaze at the sea while enjoying a cup of coffee. Especially notable is the provision of indoor spaces where you can enjoy the sea view.

“Jeju Aewol: Bon Cafe Aewol”

  • Address: 179 Aewolhaean-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 63045, South Korea
  • Phone: 064-799-5789
  • Operating Hours: From morning until midnight