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Trip to Jeju with Jeju Air: Gimpo to Jeju Route

The airline I used for my recent trip to Jeju Island was “Jeju Air”. Surprisingly, I had never flown with Jeju Air, which is considered one of the representative airlines for traveling to Jeju Island.

I had used Jeju Air once before when I was going to Tokyo, but when traveling to Jeju Island, I usually opted for Korean Air or other budget airlines.

“December 20 – 23, 2021 Jeju Trip: Jeju Air”

For this four-day trip to Jeju Island, I chose to fly with “Jeju Air”. Finally, I got to experience flying with Jeju Air, an airline based in Jeju Island.

Although I wasn’t aware before, I realized that choosing “Jeju Air” is a good option when traveling to Jeju Island, especially because it’s an airline with a base in Jeju, which made boarding and disembarking at Jeju Airport very convenient.

In particular, for the return flight from Jeju Airport to Gimpo Airport, I was assigned to gate 9, which was the closest gate to the departure area.

“Round-trip Ticket: Gimpo to Jeju – 65,000 KRW”

Perhaps because I traveled during the off-peak season, I was able to find reasonably priced airfare. I purchased a round-trip ticket for about 65,000 KRW, with a departure at 9:30 AM on the first day and a return at 5:30 PM on the last day.

Due to the decrease in travelers caused by COVID-19, it’s possible that prices have become more affordable.

Of course, if you make a reservation in advance, you can find even cheaper airfare for your trip to Jeju Island. You can find discounted tickets for Jeju Air through the link below.

“No In-flight Service on Jeju Air”

Perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no separate in-flight service. In the past, even on the Gimpo to Jeju route before the pandemic, you could at least get a simple drink as part of the service. However, this time, there was no such service.

It’s likely that they didn’t provide in-flight service because everyone was wearing masks while boarding the plane due to COVID-19 precautions.

“Jeju Air”

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