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Jeju Island Car Rental: Blue Line Rent Car

During this trip to Jeju Island, I rented a car from “Blue Line Rent Car.” When I traveled to Jeju three years ago, the company was called “Blue Rent Car,” but over the past few years, they changed their name to “Blue Line Rent Car.”

The location of their office has also changed slightly. In the past, I had to navigate through a hard-to-find alley to get there, but now they are located right by a main road, making it much easier to find.

“Electric Car: BMW i3”

The car I rented this time was the same as the one I rented in the past. I rented a “BMW i3.” However, one difference from before is that while it was almost brand new three years ago, it’s now been used for three years and is considered a used car.

Back then, when fully charged, it could travel up to 230km. However, over time, the battery life has decreased slightly, and now it can travel a maximum of about 190km.

The price has also changed. In 2018, when I rented it, the electric car rental fee was 15,000 KRW per day, and I had to prepay 3,000 KRW for charging each day. Now, you only need to pay 5,000 KRW for the first charge, and the rest is charged directly. The off-season daily rental fee is also around 30,000 KRW, which is much higher than before due to inflation.

“After a Long Time, Driving an Electric Car Again…”

Driving the “BMW i3” felt slightly different from the first time I drove it. Despite being the same model, perhaps it’s because time has passed and the car has aged, or maybe it’s been upgraded over time, but I felt that handling the car was much more comfortable than before.

In the past, there was a noticeable difference in the feeling of driving compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. With internal combustion engine vehicles, they move to some extent even without stepping on the accelerator, but electric cars didn’t do that at all. Even a slight press on the accelerator resulted in very responsive and powerful acceleration, which made parking quite challenging.

However, now the car seems more manageable. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve gotten used to it or if BMW has upgraded the system, but the car’s response to the accelerator has become less sensitive, making parking much more comfortable.

By the way, for this trip to Jeju Island, I rented a car using the app called “Carmoa.” Carmoa is an application that compares car rental prices. Especially when traveling in Jeju, I often use it to rent cars.

With the Carmoa app, you can conveniently make car rental reservations in real-time by selecting your desired time and car type.

Information about the Carmoa application can be found below:

“Jeju Island Car Rental: Blue Line Rent Car”

  • Address: 48 Yongmun-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 63164
  • Phone: 064-713-5600
  • Business Hours: Daily 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Website: Link