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Jeju Seogwipo Estuary, Hidden Beauty “Soesokak”

Located in the southeastern part of Jeju Island, Soesokak is situated at the southern end of Hyodoncheon, where a stream flows down from Hallasan Mountain.

The deep pool formed by the meeting of fresh water from Hyodoncheon and seawater is none other than Soesokak. “Soe” means “a pond that looks like a resting cow,” and “kak” means “the last end.”

“The Beautiful Natural Scenery of Soesokak”

Soesokak is known for its exceptionally clear and large water, creating a picturesque landscape with the surrounding rock formations. It’s a place where hikers on the Jeju Olle Trail Routes 5 and 6 often visit.

Between July and August, the Soesokak Festival takes place, offering various events such as barehanded fishing and hiking along the Dau-jeong-gil trail.

“Experience Traditional Carved Boats at Soesokak”

At Soesokak, you can find people boarding carved boats for two and traditional Teu boats for multiple passengers.

Enjoying the scenery of Soesokak while rowing a traditional carved boat offers a fun experience, making it a place that provides a hidden scenic spot unique to Jeju.

“The Legend of Soesokak”

A legend about Soesokak has been passed down:

About 350 years ago in Ihyo Village, a noble household had a young unmarried daughter and the servant’s son, who were of the same age, but they couldn’t openly express their love for each other due to their differing social statuses.

The despondent young man threw himself into the upper stream of Soesokak to end his life. The girl, who belatedly found out, prayed for the young man’s body to come downstream, at the praying rock of Soesokak, for 100 days. Coincidentally, when a heavy rain fell, the body of the young man was carried down by the stream. The girl held his body and cried, then climbed up to the praying rock and followed her beloved by throwing herself into the “Soe” (pond).

Since then, in Hahyo Village, in order to console the pitiable spirits of the young man and girl, a shrine was set up on the eastern side of the village at Eungji-dongsan, where the souls were enshrined. The villagers offer prayers to protect the village’s peace and prosperity, and this place is now called Halbangdang or Yeodeuredang.

  • Source: VISIT JEJU

The scenery of Soesokak offers such a stunning view that it would be a shame to miss it when visiting Jeju Island. Along with the black sand beach of Soesokak, it showcases a magnificent landscape. If you have the time, consider boarding a traditional Teu or carved boat to enjoy the view.

“Jeju Seogwipo: Soesokak”

  • Address: 104 Soesokak-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 63600
  • Phone: 064-732-9998