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Jeju Travel: Jeju Tour Pass

During my previous trip to Osaka, Japan, I was able to visit various tourist attractions at a discounted price by using the “Osaka Pass.” In the past, it was quite rare to find a similar travel pass in South Korea that would allow you to visit multiple attractions for free with just one pass. However, now even in South Korea’s Jeju Island, you can find a similar pass.

“Jeju Travel: Jeju Tour Pass”

During my recent trip to Jeju, I happened to discover something called the “Jeju Tour Pass.” Similar to Osaka’s “Osaka Pass,” this is a tour pass that allows you to visit multiple attractions for free when you purchase a ticket.

The price varies depending on the duration, with approximately KRW 19,500 for a 2-day pass (48 hours). It seems that there may be slight differences in price depending on the discount rate offered by the selling site. (Please note that prices may vary from the 2021 rates mentioned here.)

“Explore Multiple Places with Jeju Tour Pass”

With the Jeju Tour Pass, you can visit various tourist attractions on Jeju Island. Currently, you can visit about 37 attractions for free, although some may require advance reservations.

Since there are many places you can visit without making a reservation, this pass is great for those looking to have an economical trip.

“One-Hour Interval Required After Each Visit”

However, unlike Osaka’s Osaka Pass, there was one restriction. If you wanted to visit another place after visiting one, you needed to wait for a one-hour interval. In other words, it operates on a system where you can visit one place, and then visit another one hour later.

This seems to be a measure to prevent rapid visits to multiple attractions located in close proximity to each other. It’s good to keep this in mind.

“Useful for Economical Travel”

During my recent trip to Jeju Island, I utilized the Jeju Tour Pass for 48 hours. Thanks to this, I was able to visit multiple attractions at a discounted price and it also provided an opportunity to discover hidden tourist spots on Jeju Island that I was not familiar with. Overall, it’s a pass with many advantages for those looking for a cost-effective trip.

However, I found myself thinking about how to maximize the use of the Jeju Tour Pass, to the point where it felt like I was traveling in Jeju just to use the pass during the first 48 hours.

Of course, there was a sense of fun in going on a “mission” during the trip, but there was also a drawback in that it may lead to missing out on the different joys of traveling in Jeju. It was interesting to see myself bustling around to complete missions instead of taking some personal healing time on my trip to Jeju Island.

In various aspects, it can be said that this program has its pros and cons, and it is a program that can be well-utilized depending on the nature of the trip you have in mind.

Below is a map created using Google Maps before departing for the Jeju trip, gathering the places where you can enter with the Jeju Tour Pass. It’s a useful map to refer to while using the Jeju Tour Pass.

You can purchase the Jeju Tour Pass through Coupang using the link below:

“Jeju Tour Pass”

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