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SKY31 Food Avenue at Gimpo Airport: Younghwa Restaurant

Not long after returning from my trip to Jeju Island, I found myself planning another journey to the island. This trip to Jeju was rather impromptu, as the decision was made the night before departure. I swiftly purchased my plane ticket, made hotel reservations, and set off. From planning to departure, the entire process took less than 24 hours.

I was scheduled to board a daytime flight from Gimpo Airport, but with meal timings somewhat uncertain, I decided to grab a quick bite at Gimpo Airport before departure.

“SKY 31 Food Avenue at Gimpo Airport”

Gimpo Airport features a dining area called “SKY 31 Food Avenue,” operated by the Lotte Group. It conveniently offers a variety of restaurants within the airport premises. Since time was running out before my flight, I opted to have a quick meal here.

“SKY 31, Commander’s Younghwa Restaurant”

Among the restaurants at “SKY 31,” I chose to dine at “Commander’s Younghwa Restaurant.” While the prices were reasonable, at around 10,000 KRW, time was of the essence. I inquired about the speed of service before placing my order. Although I was assured that the food would be served promptly, it took a little over 10 minutes for the food to arrive after placing the order.

As a result, I had to eat in a bit of a rush. Fortunately, the food was delicious, somewhat making up for the slight inconvenience.

Planning a trip to Jeju Island on such short notice felt both absurd and bewildering, marking an unexpectedly sudden start to this journey. And so, my trip to Jeju began.

“SKY31 Food Avenue at Gimpo Airport, Commander’s Younghwa Restaurant”

  • Address: 4th Floor, 112 Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 07505)
  • Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM