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Jeju Seogwipo Maze Park “Seri Maze World”

Next to the Jeju Seogwipo World Cup Stadium, there is a place called “Seri World.” Here, services like “kart experience, horseback riding experience, and maze park” are provided.

The road leading to Seri Maze World is quite narrow, and at times, you may wonder if you’re heading in the right direction. However, after navigating through the narrow alley, you will find the parking lot and the entrance to Seri World.

“Seri World with Horseback Riding, Kart Experience, and Maze Park”

At Seri World, you can find experiences like horseback riding, karting, and a maze park. This time, I chose to experience the maze park, primarily because I had purchased and was using the “Jeju Tour Pass” for this trip, allowing free entry. However, other experiences like horseback riding and karting are not available for free.

“Seri Maze World: Maze Park”

The maze park experience at Seri Maze World is straightforward. Simply present your ticket at the entrance, and once inside, you’ll find that the maze, while not overly large, has enough dead ends to take some time finding the exit.

The key to navigating the maze is to rely on your instincts. If spending too much time in the maze isn’t your preference, you can use Google Maps or Daum Maps to view the maze park layout. This method can help you quickly find the exit if you’re short on time.

“Small Decorations Found Throughout”

While walking through the maze park, you’ll come across small decorations. The most eye-catching is a large dinosaur, which is a setup that children will surely enjoy.

As you explore the maze park, you’ll have a view of the World Cup Stadium, and nearby, you can also observe people having a great time riding karts. Honestly, for adults, karting might be even more enjoyable than the maze park.

“Jeju Tour Pass”

As mentioned earlier, with the Jeju Tour Pass, you can experience the “Maze Park” at Seri Maze World for free. However, for other experiences like horseback riding and karting, you’ll need to purchase separate tickets.

While the maze park itself may not have a huge appeal, it’s one of the few places where karting is available. So, it’s worth keeping in mind as a location where you can enjoy karting. If I have the chance to visit again, I think trying out karting would be a great idea.

“Jeju Seogwipo Seri World, Seri Maze World”

  • Address: 97-13 Beophwansang-ro 2beon-gil, Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, 63572
  • Phone: 064-739-8254
  • Website: Seri Maze World Website