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Jeju Seogwipo Hotel: Shinsin Hotel Cheonjiyeon

For this Jeju trip, I decided to stay in Seogwipo for two nights and spend the final night in Seongsan. The choice for accommodation in Seogwipo was “Shinsin Hotel Cheonjiyeon,” and the reason was simple. It seemed like a reasonably priced option with decent facilities for a solo traveler.

“Jeju Seogwipo: Shinsin Hotel Cheonjiyeon”

I made the reservation using a lodging booking application called “Agoda,” and I was able to book for approximately 25,000 KRW per night. Despite making the reservation just a day before the trip, I was able to secure a relatively affordable rate. Perhaps it’s because December is considered off-peak season for Jeju travel, and also due to the less favorable circumstances caused by COVID-19.

“A Great Hotel for Solo Stays”

Shinsin Hotel Cheonjiyeon felt like a suitable place for solo stays. There was a single room available, which wasn’t too cramped nor too spacious, striking a comfortable balance. I was assigned a room on the 8th floor, and while it didn’t offer a spectacular view of the sea, it provided a fairly open and refreshing vista, avoiding any sense of confinement.

The hotel was well-maintained, as one would expect from a hotel, and the staff in the lobby on the first floor were friendly, making my stay enjoyable throughout.

“A Hotel Conveniently Located in the Heart of Seogwipo”

The location was also excellent. Situated near the center of Seogwipo, it was a very convenient place to plan my itinerary.

Within walking distance, there was the “Arang Joel Street,” which was filled with various restaurants. Additionally, about a 10-minute walk away was the “Seogwipo Olle Market,” making it a great starting point for exploring all around Seogwipo.

Even though I had rented a car for this Jeju trip and didn’t do much walking, it’s in a great location for getting around the city center of Seogwipo even without a car.

“A Relatively Limited Parking Space”

However, there was a slightly disappointing aspect – the parking space wasn’t very spacious. On the first night, I was fortunate enough to find parking right next to the hotel. However, on the second night, there was no parking space available.

When I inquired with the hotel, they informed me that there was a free parking lot down the hill, which was about a 3-5 minute walk from the hotel. It was a bit of a walk, but it was a convenient option.

“The Hotel Provides Brochures Featuring Recommended Restaurants and Tourist Spots in the Area”

In the hotel lobby, I found files containing information on nearby recommended restaurants and tourist spots, compiled by the hotel based on firsthand local insights. Thanks to this, I was able to easily access information about various nearby eateries and attractions. What’s more, since it was information curated by locals, I could trust that it was up-to-date.

I visited Jeju in December, which is considered the off-peak season, so I was able to use the facilities at a reasonable price. The hotel was well-maintained, and I had a high level of satisfaction. If I have the chance to visit Jeju again, I would definitely consider staying here once more.

“Jeju Seogwipo: Shinsin Hotel Cheonjiyeon”

  • Address: 42-1 Seomun-ro, Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, 63593, South Korea
  • Phone: 064-735-9000
  • Agoda : https://app.ac/MbM6yVl83