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Car Rental Price Comparison App ‘Carmore’

I don’t visit Jeju Island very often, but when the cold season approaches, I tend to think about traveling to Jeju. In 2021, I welcomed the end of the year by traveling to Jeju. Personally, I prefer traveling to warmer southern destinations during the chilly winter.

Although traveling abroad would be even better, due to the unfavorable situation with COVID-19, going abroad was not an option. So, I decided to visit Jeju Island this time.

“Finding a Rental Car in Jeju”

Traveling in Jeju can be quite challenging without a rental car. Jeju is much larger in size and area than one might think, so having a rental car is essential for visiting various places. Of course, you can travel using public transportation like buses, but it’s not the most convenient option. If you’re looking for a slow, leisurely healing trip, public transportation might be fine. However, personally, I prefer using a rental car.

Furthermore, one of the joys of traveling in Jeju is driving along the coastal roads. Just driving a car around Jeju Island can be refreshing and uplifting.

In the past, you could find affordable rental cars on websites and applications like Coupang and Tmon. However, now, even using the above apps, it’s harder to find as affordable rental cars as before.

“Relatively Expensive Rental Cars in Jeju compared to the past.”

When I traveled to Jeju in 2018, I could rent a BMW i3 for as low as 15,000 KRW per day. However, three years later, the price has nearly doubled.

But unlike in the past, you can no longer find affordable electric cars on apps like Coupang. So, this time, I used a car rental price comparison app called ‘Carmoa’. Using this app, I could input the desired date and time and choose the type of car.

“When you input the desired date and time, you can see the price.”

The advantage of the app is that when you input the date and time you want, it immediately shows you the price based on the type of car.

You can even select the type of car through various options. This time, I rented the same BMW i3 model as before.

“3 Days + 1 Hour: 96,000 KRW”

The total rental period was “3 Days + 1 Hour,” and the price was 96,000 KRW, which means I could rent it for about 30,000 KRW per day. Although it’s more expensive than before, considering the overall rise in prices, it’s understandable.

Thanks to this, I rented a car at an affordable price and used it well. Since it’s an electric car, I hardly spent any money on fuel, and it’s also less tiring compared to regular internal combustion engine vehicles, making it a satisfying trip.

If you’re planning to rent a car for your trip to Jeju Island, comparing prices using the ‘Carmoa’ app could be helpful.

“Car Rental Price Comparison: Carmoa”