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2019 4 Nights 5 Days Tokyo Trip

I went on a trip to Tokyo, Japan, during the Lunar New Year holidays in 2019. Just around this time last year, I also visited Tokyo. It’s quite unusual to travel to the same country and region consecutively, but this time, I went with a friend from the UK, making it a memorable experience.

“February 4 – 8, 2019: Tokyo Trip”

Since I had visited Tokyo the previous year, I made an effort to avoid overlapping places as much as possible. Fortunately, there were still many places worth visiting in Tokyo, and I managed to explore without much repetition.

I visited places like the Jinbocho district, known for its secondhand bookstores and antiquarian streets, the Nikolai Cathedral, less commonly visited spots like Yanaka Cemetery and Yanaka Ginza, and the Ghibli Museum located in Mitaka.

Here is a summary of the places I visited during this trip:

Day 1 (February 4, 2019)

Day 2 (February 5, 2019)

Day 3 (February 6, 2019)

Day 4 (February 7, 2019)

Day 5 (February 8, 2019)

“Expenses for 4 Nights 5 Days Tokyo Trip”

The expenses for this trip are as follows. The major expenditures were for airfare and accommodation, and souvenir shopping added a significant amount.

  • Airfare: KRW 348,000 (Air Seoul)
  • Accommodation: KRW 176,000 (1 night at a capsule hotel, 3 nights at Henn na Hotel)
  • Japanese Yen Exchange Amount: JPY 40,000 + JPY 12,000 (remaining from the previous Osaka trip)
  • WiFi for 5 days: KRW 9,500 (KRW 1,900 per day)
  • Travel Insurance: KRW 7,007

Adding about JPY 1,400 spent at the airport with a card, the total expenditure was around KRW 1,076,000. Approximately KRW 1,070,000 was spent on this 4 Nights 5 Days trip.

It seemed that I spent more money on food and souvenir shopping compared to the previous Osaka & Kyoto trip. For reference, the expenses for the Osaka & Kyoto trip were around KRW 740,000.