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Tokyo Harajuku, Clothing Store “Wooden Doll”

Harajuku in Tokyo is a place similar to Hongdae in South Korea, attracting many young people. Along Takeshita Street, which is the main street of Harajuku, you can see various shops lined up on both sides, making it easy to find stores selling unique clothing and accessories. While passing through Harajuku Street, our party noticed a store selling distinctive products and decided to step inside and explore.

“Wooden Doll” – Selling a variety of unique clothing

At the store named “Wooden Doll,” we observed a diverse collection of clothing, particularly items suitable for parties. On the first floor, they were selling relatively ordinary styles of clothing and accessories. However, upon going up to the second floor, we noticed a variety of cosplay products, capturing our attention.

In Japan, it’s common to find stores selling such diverse and unique products. Given Japan’s sincere participation in events like Halloween, it seems relatively easy to find stores selling a variety of cosplay products compared to South Korea.

Of course, not only this store but also various other shops in Harajuku offer interesting products. Exploring each store one by one could be helpful.

“Tokyo, Harajuku, WOODEN DOLL”

  • Address: 1 Chome-6 Jingūmae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 150-0001, Japan
  • Phone: +81 3-3405-1641
  • Website: WOODEN DOLL
  • Business Hours: 10:30 – 20:30