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Bic Camera in Yurakucho, Tokyo

In Tokyo’s Yurakucho, you can find a variety of electronics retail stores similar to Lotte Hi-Mart in Korea. Among them, one of the frequently seen signs is “Bic Camera,” a large electronics retail store in Japan.

Bic Camera is a place you’ll often come across while traveling in Japan. Although the name might give the impression of specializing only in cameras, it actually offers a wide range of products, including computers, laptops, and various other home appliances. The name originated when the store started as a specialized camera shop, but as it expanded its product range over time, it began to cover a broader spectrum.

“Visited Bic Camera in Tokyo’s Yurakucho”

Yurakucho Station is one station south of Tokyo Station, and it was in this vicinity that I found Bic Camera. After a quick lunch nearby, I decided to stop by and explore Bic Camera before moving on to the next destination.

“A Large Multi-floor Electronics Retail Store”

Bic Camera is quite extensive, spanning from the underground second floor to the seventh floor above ground. Each floor is dedicated to various product categories, starting from cameras and expanding to TVs, diverse home appliances, computers, laptops, and even a corner dedicated to “Apple” products.

They also offer products beyond electronics, such as alcoholic beverages, magazines, and snacks. Seeing food items and drinks in an electronics retail store was a bit surprising yet refreshing. Although it shares a basic concept with Lotte Mart in Korea, it incorporates a broader range of miscellaneous items.

“Bic Camera, Japan’s Electronics Retail Store Since 1968”

Bic Camera boasts a long history, originating in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, in 1968. The current headquarters is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, and the main store is in Ikebukuro. Bic Camera’s logistics center in the Tokyo metropolitan area is situated in the city center, allowing them to start same-day delivery services in the 23 special wards of Tokyo.

“Various Discounts for Foreign Visitors at Bic Camera”

Bic Camera is especially welcoming to foreign visitors, offering generous discounts of up to 13.8%. They distribute discount coupons that can be used not only at Bic Camera but also at Kojima and Sofmap stores nationwide.

Sofmap began its partnership with Bic Camera in 2006, became a subsidiary in 2010, and completed a full merger in 2012.

I visited Bic Camera casually during my trip, thinking I would take a quick look, but it turned out to be much larger than I expected, taking up a considerable amount of time. It’s a place where those interested in electronic devices can spend hours exploring.

“Bic Camera in Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan”