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“Japan Tokyo Pocket WiFi ‘QL Liner’

Using a mobile phone or the internet is crucial during overseas travel. Without access, you can’t search online or communicate with others, significantly affecting the quality of your trip.

Therefore, ensuring you can use your phone or access the internet is one of the essential elements to consider when traveling abroad.

‘Tokyo, Japan Travel, Pocket WiFi’

For this Tokyo trip, I decided to rent a pocket WiFi, as it has proven to be the most convenient during previous trips to Japan. Once again, I chose an affordable WiFi option online and made the payment in advance before the trip. However, this time, the pickup location was at Narita Airport, not Incheon Airport.

‘Japan Pocket WiFi, QL Liner’

The pocket WiFi used for this Japan trip was from a service called ‘QL Liner.’ When purchasing WiFi online, I could choose the pickup location, and I opted for Narita Airport Terminal 1.

‘Picking up WiFi at Narita Airport’

When trying to pick up the WiFi at Narita Airport, the sign was not in English but in Japanese, written as ‘QL ライナー,’ making it a bit confusing initially. To receive the WiFi, I had to show the order number, and once I presented it, I could collect the prepared WiFi device.

”수령 장소와 반납 장소가 다른 QL 라이너“

한가지 인상적이었던 것은 와이파이 수령 장소와 반납 장소가 달랐다는 점이다. 반납 장소는 공항 출발층에 있어서 상대적으로 찾기 쉬웠다. 출발층 4층에 자리하고 있었는데, 필자가 이용한 에어서울 카운터에서 그리 멀지 않은 곳에 있어서 쉽게 반납할 수 있었다.

하지만, 수령 장소는 상대적으로 구석진 곳에 자리하고 있기도 하고, 간판 글씨가 작아서 잘 보이지 않아, 매장을 찾는데 제법 애를 먹었다.

  • 수령 장소 : North Wing 1층, QL Liner 카운터
  • 반납 장소 : South Wing 4층, QL Liner 카운터

I didn’t specifically check many things when returning it. It seemed that as long as all the components were present as they were when rented, there wouldn’t be any issues. The components received at the time of rental are as follows:

  • 110V charger (charges up to 2 USB devices simultaneously)
  • 2 USB cables
  • Pocket WiFi device
  • Backup battery

‘1,900 won per day, Unlimited data’

The rental price was quite affordable at 1,900 won per day, and it offered unlimited data. Although the speed seemed slightly slower than a WiFi I had rented before due to its low cost, it was still sufficient for basic internet searches.

Moreover, the device I rented this time had a relatively new battery, and even after carrying it around outside the whole day, the battery consumption was minimal, providing a comfortable and reliable experience.

‘Pocket WiFi, QL LINER’