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Tokyo Unmanned Robot Hotel: Henn na Hotel Asakusabashi

In Tokyo, Japan, you can find hotels with unique concepts, and one such place chosen for accommodation during this Tokyo trip is the “Henn na Hotel” or “Weird Hotel.” Initially centered around Tokyo, it has now expanded to various locations worldwide, including Myeongdong in South Korea.

The term “Henn na” in Japanese translates to “weird” in English, giving the hotel its distinctive name, meaning “Weird Hotel.”

“Tokyo Unmanned Robot Hotel: Henn na Hotel”

Henn na Hotel is an unmanned robot hotel. Instead of a manned reception counter, you’ll find robots stationed to assist you. While the robots may appear somewhat human-like, they are not entirely similar, providing an unusual and, for some, uncomfortable interaction.

The concept revolves around robot appearances, but in reality, these are not advanced robots as one might envision. They are more like mannequins positioned to give the appearance of robots. Guests need to carry out the entire check-in process themselves, scanning passports and inputting necessary information to receive the hotel key. The check-out process is similarly straightforward. Since there is no direct human interaction, the hotel tends to offer more affordable rates compared to traditional hotels.

“A Conceptual Hotel Without People, But People Can Be Summoned When Needed”

Henn na Hotel’s concept revolves around being an unmanned hotel, yet situations may arise where human assistance is required. In such cases, guests can use the phones available in the hotel to make calls, enabling communication with human staff. Employees who were hidden behind doors would then come out to provide assistance.

Upon arriving before 3:00 PM, the designated check-in time, our group found the lobby, which included luggage storage facilities. However, as the storage was already full, we were uncertain about our next steps. Fortunately, we found a phone to call for assistance. A staff member promptly appeared to help with luggage storage.

Similarly, on the check-out day, when the luggage storage was full again, we utilized the phone to call for assistance. Once more, a staff member emerged, and we were able to leave our luggage with them.

“LG Styler Found in the Room”

The guest rooms were spacious, especially considering we had booked a room for two people. There were two large beds, a TV, and notably, an “LG Styler” – a convenient addition for refreshing clothes during our travels.

The selected room by our group included various devices, such as a shoe cleaner, wireless Bluetooth speakers, among others. While we wished to try all the amenities, our tight travel schedule limited our exploration. Among the devices, the “shoe cleaner” was particularly useful and stood out.

“3 Nights for 30,600 Yen”

Being an unmanned hotel, Henn na Hotel offers the advantage of more affordable rates compared to similar hotels. We paid 30,600 Yen for three nights, approximately 300,000 Won. Considering we shared the room for two people, it amounted to around 50,000 Won per person per night, providing a budget-friendly option for a satisfactory stay.

Henn na Hotel has become a widespread choice, and you can find it in various locations. It offers good value for money with its unmanned concept. Our group was highly satisfied with the cost-effectiveness, and the location, not far from the station and in the central area of Asakusabashi, made it an excellent choice for planning our travel itinerary.

“Japan Tokyo, Henn na Hotel Asakusabashi”