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Tokyo Capsule Hotel – 9h Nine Hours Takebashi

For the first night of this Tokyo trip, I chose a ‘capsule hotel,’ a type of accommodation I’ve heard about but never experienced. Intrigued to try it out, I decided to spend the first night in a capsule hotel.

In Tokyo, there are several capsule hotels to choose from, and I opted for ‘9h Nine Hours Takebashi’ for a particular reason.

“A Capsule Hotel with a Sci-Fi Vibe”

The reason for choosing this place among many capsule hotels was simple. It looked clean in photos and had an atmosphere reminiscent of what you might find in a sci-fi movie.

‘9h Nine Hours’ is a name you’ll encounter at various locations. We chose ‘9h Nine Hours Takebashi’ because it’s conveniently located near Tokyo Station. The simplicity behind this choice was its proximity to Tokyo Station. As the first day involved traveling from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station and checking into the accommodation, we wanted a place close to Tokyo Station to make the most of our limited time on that day.

“Cost: 23,000 Won for One Night”

One notable advantage of capsule hotels is their affordability. Being able to stay in the heart of Tokyo for around 23,000 won per night is quite a merit.

Since this visit was for the experience, we stayed for only one night. Capsule hotels are a great option for travelers who don’t want to spend much on accommodation. The cost-effectiveness allows you to explore multiple places during your travels.

While one might think that a capsule hotel provides only the basic amenities, ‘9h Nine Hours’ pleasantly surprised with ample towels provided free of charge. They also supplied sleepwear, slippers, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. Additionally, the shared facilities, including the shower rooms, were well-maintained.

“Storing Luggage in Lockers”

As typical of capsule hotels, luggage is stored in lockers. Inside the lockers, you can find baskets with towels and sleepwear.

However, larger suitcases might not fit into the lockers. In such cases, you can request assistance at the counter, where they will store your suitcase and provide you with a numbered ticket. Showing this ticket to the staff allows you to retrieve your suitcase.

“Charging Ports in the Capsule Hotel”

During travels, there’s often a need to charge electronic devices. The capsule hotel also provided some charging ports. However, they offered only one 110V outlet and one USB-A port.

While I expected advanced locking mechanisms for the capsule, it wasn’t the case. The capsules were simple sleeping spaces, and there was a basic curtain for privacy.

Despite that, the first experience in a capsule hotel was not bad. It’s a suitable option for solo travelers who don’t plan on spending much time sleeping. The facility was well-maintained, and the atmosphere was clean, making it a cost-effective choice.

“Drawback: Limited Nearby Options”

However, there were some drawbacks. It was challenging to find worthwhile places nearby, especially for meals at night. Even finding a suitable restaurant for dinner was not easy, and the adjacent Japanese-Chinese restaurant we ended up at lacked English and Korean menus, posing a challenge.

‘9h Nine Hours Takebashi’