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Tokyo Harajuku, Street Food “Kinnotorikara”

Harajuku in Tokyo has a vibe quite similar to Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea. Abundant with unique stores, it is always bustling with young individuals, making it comparable to Hongdae in South Korea. Particularly on Takeshita Street, considered Harajuku’s main street, you can find various clothing stores and shops selling unique items, and you can’t overlook the street food with its distinctive charm scattered around these places.

“Famous street foods in Harajuku”

As Harajuku is frequented by many young people, there are notably famous street foods in this area. One of the most popular is “crepes,” but this time, we didn’t purchase and try crepes separately. It was late evening after finishing dinner, so ordering and eating crepes felt a bit overwhelming.

Instead, we opted for a light snack and bought some potato fries. The shop we visited was named “Kinnotorikara” (“金のとりから”).

“Fry shop selling potato fries & chicken”

“Kinnotorikara” is a small shop that sells potato fries and chicken, among other items. In South Korea, finding a shop specializing in potato fries is not common, so finding a restaurant centered around potato fries was quite impressive.

You can enjoy the potato fries with various sauces, and there are plenty of sauces besides ketchup, adding a fun element to choose and sprinkle your favorite sauce. However, since all the sauce labels are written in Japanese on the sauce dispensers, it was a bit cautious as we couldn’t exactly identify each sauce. Nevertheless, it was impressive to have the option to choose and combine various sauces.

The price was around 300 yen per bag, which is roughly 3,000 won, making it a reasonable price. Despite the affordable price, the bag contained a considerable amount of fries, and we were surprised by the generous portion. Tasting street food in Harajuku while exploring can be a fun and memorable experience.

“Tokyo, Harajuku, Kinnotorikara”

  • Address: 1 Chome-20-10 Jingūmae, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0001, Japan
  • Website: Kinnotorikara