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Tokyo Akihabara, Anime Cafe “Good Smile & Animate Cafe”

Akihabara in Tokyo is a renowned destination and a hub of Japanese subculture. Thanks to this, you can find places all around that sell products or services related to Japanese manga and animation.

Good Smile is a company that produces and sells products related to subcultures, particularly known for creating cute figures with large heads and big eyes. Exploring various parts of Akihabara, I realized that quite some time had passed. In a few hours, I would need to head to Ueno to catch a train to Narita Airport. After wandering through Akihabara, exploring different stores, and doing some shopping, I felt the need for a break.

While contemplating where to spend time, I coincidentally discovered an anime cafe operated by Good Smile and Animate. Since my British friend, who accompanied me, had a keen interest in Japanese animation, we decided to visit and spend some time here.

“Good Smile & Animate Anime Cafe”

The Good Smile Anime Cafe was located on the 5th floor of the Good Smile & Animate building. Near the entrance to the cafe, you could see displays of various animation-related products sold by Good Smile.

Upon entering the cafe, it resembled a regular cafe, with tables and a menu to check. However, the difference was noticeable: there were characters from animations around, and anime songs were playing inside.

As we visited during Friday’s lunchtime, the place was relatively empty. During busier times, occasional cosplay events are held here, making the cafe crowded with people.

“Cafe Serving Coffee and Light Snacks”

The cafe served a menu similar to a regular cafe, offering coffee drinks and simple snacks. However, a notable difference was the strict rule of one order per person. We ordered coffee, strawberry milk, and, additionally, a pancake.

An interesting aspect was that, with each food order, they randomly gave a sticker featuring a character. It felt like a small surprise with each order, similar to a lottery. Note that you can’t request an exchange if you didn’t get the one you wanted.

“Cafe Themed with Peach Ball”

The cafe seems to change its theme from time to time. On the day we visited, it was themed around “Peach Ball,” a game title.

Though I hadn’t been to a similar cafe with unique concepts in Japan, we visited during a quiet time, so there weren’t many people. Unlike maid cafes where there might be requests for certain actions, we didn’t experience any uncomfortable requests in the anime cafe.

It was a unique experience of a cafe in Japan, and during the last leg of our trip, it allowed us to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Akihabara.

“Japan, Tokyo, Akihabara Good Smile Anime Cafe”

  • Address: Japan, 1 Chome-7-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021
  • Phone: +81 3-3526-3761
  • Animate Cafe: Animate Cafe Akihabara
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:30