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Tokyo Shinjuku, “LOVE Sculpture & Circular Traffic Light”

Major cities around the world display sculptures with the word “LOVE.” These sculptures can be found in major cities such as Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philadelphia, and New York. In South Korea, you can also find the LOVE sculpture, and in Tokyo, Japan, there is a notable LOVE sculpture.

“Created by Robert Indiana”

The LOVE sculpture is the work of the prominent American pop artist Robert Indiana, who primarily created geometric works with deep meanings using letters. The LOVE sculpture, introduced in 1966 in Indiana, symbolizes love expressed through letters and images. Composed of a stable square structure, slanted characters, and the image of a heart, “LOVE” uses a graphic design approach, with a strong contrast of red and blue, symbolizing a clear and concrete meaning of love.

“If you pass through the space between ‘LOVE’ and ‘E,’ love will be realized?”

This sculpture features a space in the middle where a person can enter. Simultaneously, there is a related superstition that if you pass through the space between “V” and “E” without touching, love will be realized.

If you have a significant other you’d like to continue a relationship with, you can cautiously try passing through this space.

“LOVE Sculpture in Tokyo Shinjuku”

The “LOVE” sculpture in Tokyo can be found in Shinjuku, west of Shinjuku Station. It is located northwest of Shinjuku Station, not far from the station, making it easily accessible on foot.

Furthermore, near the LOVE sculpture, you can find circular traffic lights arranged around a pedestrian crossing, creating a circular traffic light. This location is often considered a picturesque spot for photography. The circular traffic light is used as a background in various Japanese anime works, making it a familiar setting.

Since you can find both the “LOVE” sculpture and the circular traffic light in one place, it’s an excellent location to capture commemorative photos during your travels.

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