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Tokyo Trip, Incheon Airport – Tokyo Narita Airport “Air Seoul Boarding Experience”

Japan, being a neighboring country to South Korea, is relatively close when traveling by plane. Compared to other international destinations, the flight time is notably short, making it a convenient place to visit. Personally, when traveling to Japan, especially for short-haul flights, I prefer to use Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), which are known for their budget-friendly fares.

“Incheon Airport – Tokyo Narita Airport, Air Seoul”

During my recent Tokyo trip, the LCC I chose was “Air Seoul,” operated by Asiana Airlines. While there isn’t a significant difference in service compared to Asiana Airlines, the prices are much more affordable, leading to higher personal satisfaction. Despite the low prices, the legroom was surprisingly spacious, and the presence of a personal monitor with a USB charging port makes it a cost-effective airline.

“Routes Equipped with AVOD”

On this flight, the plane was equipped with Audio Video On Demand (AVOD), allowing passengers to watch videos on personal monitors. Additionally, the USB charging port next to the monitor made it convenient for charging mobile phones. Unfortunately, on the return flight from Tokyo to Incheon Airport, there was an issue with the personal monitor, which, although present, did not function. The USB charging port also didn’t work, which was disappointing.

“No In-Flight Meals, But…”

For short-haul flights like Incheon Airport – Tokyo Narita Airport, in-flight meals are not provided. However, passengers can order and enjoy simple cup noodles on board. While the price of cup noodles onboard (around 4,000 won) may seem relatively expensive compared to those outside, the experience of having it on an airplane adds a unique touch. During this trip, I didn’t eat anything on the flight to Tokyo, but on the return flight, I ordered and tasted the noodles.

The round-trip ticket price for Incheon Airport – Tokyo Narita Airport was approximately 350,000 won per person. Despite not having purchased the tickets well in advance, the surprisingly affordable price made the trip stress-free.

“Air Seoul”